Alicen Armstrong-Brown, Tangrams 3DS


All photos taken by Ayla Fox, Shed Light Productions, LLC, and the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program with the exception of:

  • “Aerial photo of Monponsett Ponds, Halifax, MA. The algae is visible in the pond on the left” – Ted Broderick, Halifax Police Chief
  • “NASA satellite photo of Narragansett Bay” – NASA
  • “Stormwater outfall pipes in Stillhouse Cove, Cranston, RI” – Wenley Ferguson, Save The Bay
  • “Rain garden installed at the North Kingstown Free Library”  – Town of North Kingstown
  • “Save the Bay’s education programs on Narragansett Bay” – Save The Bay
  • “Mill Turner Dam removal on the Nissitissit River” – MA DER
  • “Volunteers through Save the Bay restoring salt marsh habitat” – Save The Bay
  • “Sediment profile imagery of the bottom of Narragansett Bay. A crab sits among Ampelisca spp., a tubiculous amphipod” – Emily Shumchenia, John King, and Marisa Guarinello