Workshop Materials:

Workshop Details:

Date: Monday, April 29, 2019

Location: Blackstone Heritage Corridor Visitor Center at Worcester

Purpose of the workshop: Provide an open platform to share information on the history of the Blackstone River, learn about the status of environmental indicators in the watershed and the groups working to improve its health, and discuss current challenges, successes, and how we can best use science and partnerships to improve the resilience of the watershed moving forward.

Workshop outcomes:

  1. Celebrate progress, both big and small.
  2. Speak up to decisions makers, get education and involved.
  3. Seek to communicate and connect with each other to listen, learn, and act in concert.
  4. There is new information and data coming and/or available (e.g., flooding, economics) that is relevant to the Blackstone.
  5. Conferences and workshop—where folks can just talk and network—and then come back to decisions and actionable outcomes is useful.
  6. More work is needed to better engage with all local people in a manner that emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  7. The Narragansett Bay Estuary Program continue its role to connect people and put science together, especially GIS analysis and mapping to aid local decision-making and education.
  8. Need to pursue more targeted education to key audiences, local advocates, state officials, and children.  For example, a “how to” guide for local advocates to engage productively with local officials. Further, signage of river-road crossings is an excellent educational tool.
  9. More aquatic fish and macroinvertebrate data is needed in the region.
  10. The smaller local groups that have and continue to catalyst and lead local efforts need more funding for staff to remain active.