Habitat Restoration & Protection Workgroup


In a collaborative effort between the NBEP and The Nature Conservancy – MA Chapter, a mapping tool for tracking habitat restoration and protection projects throughout the bay and its watershed is being developed. This tool will showcase the projects that we and our partners have supported through funding, partnerships, research, outreach, that have been implemented, are ongoing, and have been/will be prioritized or identified for future implementation. In addition, The Nature Conservancy – MA is also interested in compiling information about projects that have been developed, planned, and/or designed, but are not currently being implemented.

  • Solicit input from the potential users of the tool
  • Create a tool that is useful to all practitioners
  • Compile information about projects that have been developed, planned, and/or designed
  • Provide a comprehensive database of habitat and restoration projects

The Workgroup:

A kick-off workgroup meeting was held on October 4, 2018. This group of 32 professionals was comprised of state and local agencies, nonprofit groups, governmental groups and contractors from both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Meeting Materials

10/04/18 Meeting

12/20/18 Meeting

people in workgroup brainstorming ideas about habitat restoration