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Public Access

Point Judith Surfer, Photo: Narragansett Bay Estuary Program
Point Judith Surfer, Photo: Narragansett Bay Estuary Program

There are several ways to enjoy the public trust resources within Narragansett Bay watershed and it is important that the public has ways to access to these resources. The Estuary Program and NEIWPCC have funded the following projects to make sure the public can access and enjoy public trust resource.

  • Clean Ocean Access is working to increase public access to the shoreline of Aquidneck Island. Their project will promote, preserve, and ensure recreational uses along the coastline, such as for fishing, boating, swimming, surfing, and walking. They will work in Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth to protect and monitor the rights-of-way and provide proper signage for the access points. The goal is to use Clean Ocean Access volunteers to provide monitoring twice a month to connect people to and promote stewardship of our shoreline resources. See the article in Newport Patch.
  • Save The Bay is partnering with Rhode Island’s Coastal Resources Management Council to have volunteers and interns conduct site visits to the 221 State-designated shoreline rights-of-way. The goal is to document the sites and current conditions to examine whether public access needs to be restored or improved. This will help identify sites for the State’s Adopt-An-Access program.

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