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NBEP-07-127 2007 Physical Property and Chemical Characteristics of Surface Sediment Grab Samples from Narragansett Bay and the Providence
and Seekonk Rivers
Murray, D. W., Prell, W. L., Rincon, C. E., and Saarman, E. Sediments, Toxics, Metals, Mercury Pb, Hg, Cu, Pollution, Organic Carbon, Grain Size, and Maps

NBEP-07-126 2007 Nitrogen Loading From Wastewater Treatment Plant Donald Pryor, Emily Saarman, David Murray and Warren Prell Nitrogen, Wastewater, Treatment, Plant, Upper, Narragansett, Bay

NBEP-04-125 2004 Coastal Wetlands Trends in Narragansett Bay Estuary During the 20th Century Tiner, R.W., Huber, I., Nuerminger, T. Mandeville, A. Mount Hope Bay, Coastal Wetlands, Trends, History, Fish and Wildlife, GIS, Conservation, Buffer Zone, Restoration

NBEP-03-124 2003 Report on the Analysis of True Color Aerial Photographs to Map Submerged Aquatic Vegetation, Coastal Wetlands, Deepwater Habitats and Coastal Features in Southern Rhode Island and Southeastern Connecticut Huber, I., Natural Resources Assessment Group, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, UMASS Amherst Submerged Aquatic Vegetation, Eelgrass, Zostera marina, Coastal Wetlands, Shoreline, Block Island, Deepwater Habitats, Maps, Pawkatuck River, Point Judith, Westerly, Charlestown, Connecticut

NBEP-03-123 2003 Energy and Water Resource Consultants, Ecological Indicators for Narragansett Bay and its Watershed. Kleinschmidt Energy, Ecological Indicatiors, Watershed, Water Resources, Ecosystem Characteristics, Landscape Condition Indicators, Fish and Wildlife Populations, Biodiversity, Management 

NBEP-02-122 2002 Blackstone River Fisheries Restoration Plan Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, Division of Fish and Wildlife, R.I. Department of Environmental Management, & Blackstone River Fish Restoration Steering Committee.  Blackstone River, Fish Passage, Feasibility study, Fish Restoration, Dam, Maps

NBEP-95-121 1995 Historical Distributions of Eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island 1850-1995 Doherty, A.M. Eelgrass, Distribution, Zostera marina, History, Maps 

NBEP-03-120 2003 Rhode Island Narragansett Bay Project Area: Trends Analysis Methodology Huber, I., Nuerminger, T., Natural Resources Assessment Group, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, (UMASS) Aerial photography interpretation, rectification, mapping units, classification; urban, agricultural, rangeland, forest, water, wetlands, barren, Maps 

NBEP-00-119 2000 Photo-Interpretation of Buffer Zones, Coastal Wetland Potential Restoration Sites, and Hardened Shorelines in the Narraganasett Bay Estuary Rhode Island and Massachusetts Huber, I. Natural Resources Assessment group, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, (UMASS) Buffer Zones, wetland restoration, photo-interpretation, habitat classification; land use, urban, agricultural, rangeland, forest, water, barren, shoreline characteristics, species list, Maps 

NBEP-99-118 1999 (NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE) No Report Available  

NBEP-99-117 1999 Report on the Analysis of True Color Aerial Phoographs to Map Submerged Aquatic Vegitation and Coastal Resource Areas in Narragansett Bay Tidal Waters and Nearshore Areas Rhode Island and Massachusetts Huber, I., Natural Resources Assessment group, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, (Umass) Aerial Photography, Submerged Aquatic Vegetation, habitat classification, delineation techniques, coastal features, tidal water regimes, acerage, species list, Maps
NBEP-95-116 1995 Consistency and Coordination Review of Rhode Island Environmental Regulations and Policies Appendicies A through E Cottrell, H.L., (RIDEM) Inter-agency variations, Environmental Regulations, deffinitions, DEM, CRMC, coordination, wetlands, forest, waste Management, fish and wildlife, permit reviews, flow charts, Maps 

NBEP-92-79 1992 Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) Species Profile Gray, C.L. (RIDEM) Alewife Alosa pseudoharengus. economic value, range, abundance, history, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development

NBEP-92-80 1992 Narragansett Bay and the Surrounding Economy Rorholm and Farrell Water Quality, Fishable Swimable, environmental impacts, Human impacts; fishing, recreation, transportation, policies, financial expendatures

NBEP-92-81 1992 Suggestions Regarding Management Planning For Some Vertebrate & Invertebrate Resources of Narragansett Bay Saila and Keller (URI)  Fisheries, Winter flounder, Hard Shell Clam, Quahog, Mercenaria, Totaug, marine resources, Management, Stock Evaluation,  Maximum Sustainable Yield, Yield Per Recuruit, Public health, recreational use, fishing effort; gear, landings, quotas, restrictions, Sewage contamination, Pollutants/ pollution, gastroenteritis

NBEP-92-82 1992 Winter Flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) Reproductive Success Buckley, Smigielski, Halavik, Caldarone, Burns, & Laurence (NOAA-NMFS) Winter Flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, Reproductive Success, survival of laboratory reared larvae, spawning, fertility, fecundity, female size requirements, gonadosomatic index

NBEP-92-83 1992 Evaluation of the Relative Acute Toxicity of Nearshore Sediments in Narragansett Bay Scott, Redmond, McKenna, & Robson (SAIC‑EPA/ERLN) Providence River, Seekonk River, Blackstone River, Sediment Toxins, near-shore, amphipods; indicators., Benthic assessment, anthropogenic contaminants, Sediment toxicity tests, Maps

NBEP-92-84 1992 Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) Species Profile Gray, C.L. (RIDEM) Atlantic Menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus economic value, stock description, range, habitat/ feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development

NBEP-92-85 1992 Blackstone River 1990 Wright, Runge, Lee, Chaudhury (URI) Blackstone River, non/Point source loadings, Water Quality; Wet Weather/ Dry Weather conditions, discharge limits, Discharge Monitoring Reports, flows, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, hydroelectric power, dredging, dams, Potential Management 

NBEP-92-86 1992

Problem Assessment and Source Identification & Ranking of Wet Weather Discharges Entering the Providence & Seekonk Rivers

Vol. I Vol. IV
Vol. II Vol. V
Vol. III  
Wright, R.M. et al.  (URI) Seekonk River, Providence River, Woonsocket, East Providence, Cranston, Centerdale. Wet Weather discharges, Monitoring, Water Quality, contaminants, rainfall, Storms, Sewage Treatment Plants,  CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Fresh Water flows, SINBADD, SPRAY, Dissolved/ particulate toxins; Cadmium,Chromium Copper, Lead, Nickel, NO3, Pollution, Amonia, suspended solids, C. Perfringens, Fecal Coliform, E. coli, Enterococi, bacteriophage, Maps 

NBEP-92-87 1992 Survey of Environmental Conditions & Plankton Dynamics Along a Eutrophication Gradient in Narragansett Bay During An Annual Cycle. Smayda, T.J. (URI)  Plankton Dynamics, Eutrophication  gradient, Nutrient Loading, Nitrogen, Water Quality, Nitrogen cycle, physical oceanography, light penetration; secchi disc, euphotic zone, Nutrients, "Brown-Tide", Primary Production, Zooplankton, Mezozooplankton, Phytoplankton Biomass

NBEP-92-88 1992 Blackstone River "Briefing Paper" and Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Management Committee Narragansett Bay Management Committee  Briefing Paper, narragansett Bay Estuary Program, Blackstone River, Water Quality, Toxins, Pollutants/ pollution, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Toxicity, non/Point source loadings, Sediment, Habitat, fisheries, Biota, Land Use, regulations, river surveys, discharge permits, source reduction 

NBEP-92-89 1992 Critical Resource Area Protection "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay  Management Committee Narragansett Bay Management Committee Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, Briefing Paper, Critical Area Resource Protection, Critical Protection Area, CRMC Vegetated Buffer Strips, land use, Water Quality, Habitat preservation, wetlands protection, watershed, population density, species diversity, Maps

NBEP-92-90 1992 Abstracts from February 17, 1992 Symposium Science and the Narragansett Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan CCMP, Wet Weather, Pollution loading, Combined Sewar Systems, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, abaitment, Management, Critical Natural Resources, Habitat inventory, resource mapping, Buffer Zones, Land Use, Water Quality, economic, Monitoring, Maps 

NBEP-92-91 1992 American Eel (Anquilla rostrata) Species Profile.  See folder for NBEP-91-56. Gray, C.L.  (RIDEM)   American Eel, Anquilla rostrata, economic value, stock description, range, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development

NBEP-92-92 1992 Final Report on the Hazardous Waste Reduction Project & DEM's Pollution Prevention Program Hazardous Waste Reduction Project Hazardous Waste Reduction Project, HWRP, Pollution, Pollution prevention, Protocols, incentives barriers, industries, metals, plastics, rubber, jewelry, machinery, electronics, oil, Sewage Treatment Plant, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Pollution, air toxics, Volatile Organic Contaminant, public/ employee involvement

NBEP-92-93 1992 The Land Management Project Completion Report The Land Management Project CCMP, Land Management Project, nonpoint source Management, workshops, conferences, literature, demonstrations, govternment involvement, technical support, funding, 

NBEP-92-94 1992 The Land Management Project Publications Appendix.  The Land Management Project Fact sheets; Land use, Water Quality, Best Management Practices, research reviews, wetlands; flood control, groundwater, surface water, wildlife, recreation, regulation, local ordinances, Nurient Loading, nonpoint source controls, septic systems, Pollution, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, roads, stormwater, survey responses

NBEP-92-95 1992 Narragansett Bay Public Opinion Survey Advantage Research Corporation Public Opinion surveys, recreation, importance, funding, Pollution

NBEP-92-96 1992 A Preliminary Assessment of Environmental Quality in Greenwich Bay Nowicki & McKenna (URI) Greenwich Bay, Warwick, Apponaug, Brush Neck, North Kingston, Environmental quality, Coliforms, indicators, Water Quality; Nurients, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, metals, hydrocarbons, Finfish, Shellfish, Benthos, Pollution/ Pollution inputs; Sewage Treatment Plant, surface Runoff, boating. SINBADD, Maps

NBEP-92-97 1992 Land Use as it Relates to Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat "Briefing Paper" and Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management Committee Narragansett Bay Management Committee Briefing Paper, Land Use, control Programs, Zoning, Natural Resources, Management, Water Quality, Preservation, Conservation, Sewage, Waste Water, Permitting, Regulation

NBEP-92-98 1992 Water Management:  Supply, Use, & Treatment "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management Committee Narragansett Bay Management Committee CCMP, Briefing Paper, Water Management, treatment facilities; WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, Sewage Treatment Plant, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Pollution, ISDS, Septic Systems, conservation, environental, econimic, political

NBEP-92-99 1992 Monitoring Inventory Michelman, M mon programs; federal, state RI, MA, University, local, SPRAY, SINBAD, shellfish, finfish, bathing beach, Sed, Water Quality, WW/DW,Pollutants/ pollutionETC...  

NBEP-92-100 1992 Inputs of Organic Contaminants to Narragansett Bay Under Wet Weather Conditions Latimer, J.S., Ellis, J., Leblanc, L., Quinn, J.G. (URI) Blackstone River, Providence River, East Providence River, Blackstone Valley Woonasquantucket River, Ten Mile River,  Mussashuck River, Wet Weather Organic Contaminant, Flow, Precipitation, Petrolium hydrocarbons, PAH, PCBs, Combined Sewer Overflow, Water Quality, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, Sewage Treatment Plant, urban Runoff, Maps

NBEP-92-101 1992 Stormwater Basin Plants & Landscaping Guide: A Simple Guide for Designers and Communities.  The Land Management Project Stormwater basin plant landscaping; Sediment, Runoff, Pollutants/ pollution, human use, habitat restoration, erosion, flora, fauna, Maps

NBEP-92-102 1992 A Steady-State Model of Dissolved Oxygen & Nitrogen in the Providence River-Seekonk River Estuary, Rhode Island Dettmann, Brown, Warren, Fox, Kester (EPA/ERLN-URI GSO) Providence River, Seekonk River. Water Quality, Nutrient Loading, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, eutrophication, Amonia, Nitrogen cycle, EUTRO models, Bentic fluxes, Phytoplankton uptake, primary productivity, Sediment, reairation, Maps

NBEP-92-103 1992 Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) Species Profile.  Gray, C.L. (RIDEM) Weakfish, Cynoscion regalis, economic value, stock description, range, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development

NBEP-92-104 1992 Tautog (Tautoga onitis) Species Profile.  Gray, C.L. (RIDEM) Tautog, Tautoga onitis, economic value, stock description, range, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development

NBEP-92-105 1992 Assessment of Hazards of Contaminants in Seafood Brown, Goble, Mao (Clark University) Organic Contaminant, Toxic hazard profile, characterization, health effect; PCB, PAH, Nickel, mercury, Human Health, Seafood health, reproduction, fetal development, acceptable concentrations, assessment methodology

NBEP-92-106 1992 Long-finned Squid (Loligo pealei) Species Profile.   Gray, C.L., (RIDEM) Long-finned Squid, Loligo pealei, economic value, stock description, range, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development

NBEP-92-107 1992 Contaminated Sediments in Narragansett Bay:  Severity and Extent Hinga, K., (URI) Mount Hope Bay, Taunton River, Seekonk River, Fields Point, Ohio Ledge, Greenwich Bay, Providence River, Sediment, Organic Contaminant,Pollutants/ pollutionrisks; human health, Benthic/ pelagic marine Organisms, wildlife. AET (Apparent Effects Threshold). Risk evaluations, protection, exposure, Bioassay studies,Maps

NBEP-92-108 1992 CCMP Cost Estimation and Funding Report (NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE) Apogee Research, Inc., R. Ribb, A. Dixon. (Narragansett Bay Project).   MISSING

NBEP-92-109 1992 Providence & Seekonk Rivers and Upper Narragansett Bay Eutrophication Screening Analysis Limno-Tech, Inc.  Providence River, Seekonk River, Eutrophication, Hydrodynamic transport, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Pollution/ Pollution loads, flow patterns, Amonia, Nitrogen, Phospohorous reductions, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Environmantal conditions; Optimal light intensity, Primary Production, growth coefficients, Wet Weather overflows, SINBADD, SPRAY, SQUIRT,Maps 

NBEP-92-110 1992 Providence River Phytoplankton Kinetic Rates: Data Report #3 for Eutrophication Modeling Michelman, M. Providence River, Seekonk River. Phytoplankton kinetic rates, Primary Productivity, Requirements; Temp, Nitrogen, Salinity, light, PHhosphorous, Amonia, Chlorophyll silicon, ATP, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Biomass, respiration rates, growth characteristics, setting rates, Nutrient Mineralization, stoichiometry, chemical composition,Maps

NBEP-92-111 1992 Assessment of Organic Contaminants in Narragansett Bay Sediments and Hard Shell Clams Quinn, J.G., Latimer, J.S., Leblanc, L., Ellis, J. Fields Point, Ohio Ledge, Upper Providence  River, Seekonk River, Mount Hope Bay, Greenwich Bay,  Organic Contaminant; Sediment, Hard Shell Clam, Quahog, Mercenaria. CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow Runoff, PCBs, PAH, benzonitriles, concentrations, Toxin loads,Maps

NBEP-92-112 1992 Habitat Inventory/Resource Mapping for Narragansett Bay and Associated Coastline.  Four Volumes + Maps (NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE) French, Rines, et al.   Seekonk River, Providence River, Greenwich Bay, Habitat, coastal geological characteristics, eelgrass, macroalgae, Monitoring,fauna, taxa comparisons, reproduction, abundance, Water Quality requirements, distribution, circulation, Bivalves, gastropods, polychaets, amphipods, Finfish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, plankton, Maps

NBEP-92-113 1992 Short-finned Squid (Illex illecebrosus) Species Profile (NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE) Gray, C.L., (RIDEM) Short-finned Squid, Illex illecebrosus, economic value, stock description, range, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development

NBEP-92-114 1992 Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for Narragansett Bay (CCMP) Division of Planning, Rhode Island Department of Administration Management, Conservation, Habitat, Restoration

NBEP-92-115 1992   CCMP Executive Summary  

NBEP-91-51 1991 Winter Flounder Contaminant and Pathological Survey: Narragansett Bay and Vicinity.  65 pp.  Includes Wolke & Recksiek (URI).  Narragansett Bay Winter Flounder Macrophage Aggregate Number Corrected for Age.  And Technical Report on Aging of Winter Flounder Otoliths from Rhode Island Lee, Saila, & Wolke (URI).  And Haas, R.E. (URI). Warwick Neck, Quonchotaug Pond, Whale Rock, winter flounder, pathology, contatinment, Pollution/ Pollutants; PCBs, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, tissue samples; muscle, liver, otoliths. HMA (Hepatic Macrophage Aggregate), Maps

NBEP-91-52 1991 A History of Metal Inputs to Narragansett Bay Nixon, S. W. (URI)  History, Mercury, Silver, Cadmium, As,Chromium, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc. Inputs;industries, machines, tools, smelting, steam engines, railroads, telephones, jewelry, TVs, radios, cars, Road, Runoff, Sewage Treatment Plant, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow

NBEP-91-53 1991 Evaluation of Critical Protection Area Delineation Technique Horsley Witten Hegemann, Inc.   Critical Protection Areas, Critical Resource Areas, Regulations, delineations, ISDS, Ground/surface water, state comparisons. Watershed; Lakes, streams, wetlands, aquifers, wells. Contaminants, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, bacteria, petrolium hydrocarbons, metals, pesticides, Maps

NBEP-91-54 1991 Sewage Contamination/Pathogens "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management Committee Narragansett Bay Project Management Committee. Briefing Paper, Sewage Treatment Plant, Pathogens, Contaminants, public health risks; typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, gastroenteritis. Shellfishing closures, landings, Fishable Swimable. 

NBEP-91-55 1991 Vegetated Buffer Strip Designation Method Guidance Manual Palmstrom, N. (IEP. Inc.) Vegetated Buffer Strips, guidelines, regulations, limitations stormwater Runoff, Pollution, attenuation, fauna/ flora protection 

NBEP-91-56 1991 Winter Flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) Species Profile Gray, C. L. (RIDEM) winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, economic value, range, abundance, history, habitat requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development, Mount Hope Bay, Sakonnet River, Greenwich Bay, Wickford cove 

NBEP-91-57 1991 Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) Species Profile Gray, C. L. (RIDEM) Bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix,economic value, range, history, habitat requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development

NBEP-91-58 1991 Narragansett Bay Combined Sewer Overflows Metcalf & Eddy Blacktone Valley district commision, Combined Sewer Overflow, CSO flows, loads, Pollution/ Pollution; fecal coliform, metals, Nutrient Loading, organics, Public health, abaitment projects

NBEP-91-59 1991 Narragansett Bay Regionalization Study Metcalf & Eddy regionalization, discharge, Fields point, Greenwich Bay, Warwick, Cranston, Providence, Quanset Point, Point Judith WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Maps

NBEP-91-60 1991 Combined Sewer Overflows "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management Committee Narragansett Bay Project Management Committee Briefing Paper, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow abaitment policies, Water Quality, discharge, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, disinfection

NBEP-91-61 1991 Boater Waste Disposal "Briefing Paper" and Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management Committee Narragansett Bay Project Management Committee Briefing Paper, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, boater waste disposal, boat-sewage discharge, pump-out facilities, education, enforcement, Marine Sanitation Device equipment

NBEP-91-62 1991 Health Risk From Chemically Contaminated Seafood "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Management Committee Narragansett Bay Project Management Committee Briefing Paper, NBEPMC; public health risk, chemical Contaminants in seafood. Risk assessment; Kipp, Brown Univ, Hoffman. Regulations, policy, protocols, health advisories

NBEP-91-63 1991 An Investigation into Multiple Uses of Vegetated Buffer Strips (1988-1989) Groffman, Gold, Husband, Simmons, & Eddleman (URI) Vegitated Buffer Strips, surface removal, groundwater studies, Microbial Indicators, buffering capacity, wildlife studies, non-point source Pollutants/ pollution, Nitrogen Loading, Reccomendations, management 

NBEP-91-64 1991 Aspects of Climate Around Narragansett Bay Pilson (URI)  Climate; temperature, light, wind, precipitation, river flow, glatial movement

NBEP-91-65 1991 Mount Hope Bay "Briefing Paper" and Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Management Committee Narragansett Bay Management Committee Briefing Paper, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, Mount Hope Bay, environmental condition/ degredation, sewage/ Toxins, Contaminants, Pollution, Combined Sewer Overflow, CSO abaitment, Water Quality, shellfishing, interstate cooperation, Fall River, Brayton Point, Organic Contaminant, Hypoxia

NBEP-91-66 1991 Recent Metal Inputs to Narragansett Bay Nixon, S.W. (URI) Mount Hope Bay, Sakonet River, Blackstone River, Providence River, Woonasquantucket River, Mussashuck River, Taunton River, metal inputs; Cadmium,Chromium Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Silver, atmospheric deposition, Runoff, Rivers, storms, industrial discharge, Sewage, Pollution, Metal flux-river flow relationship,Maps 
NBEP-91-67 1991 The American Lobster in Narragansett Bay:  Patterns of Benthic Recruitment, Adult Populations and Fishing Effort Wahle (Brown Univ.)  American Lobster; Young of Year, benthic recruitment, populations, fishing effort, habitats; rocky, sandy, trap buoy counts, census, substratum paterns, factors affecting abundance, densities

NBEP-91-68 1991 Bay Bib: The Narragansett Bay Bibliography: 1979-1988 Sieburth & Dorf (URI) Bibliography of published articles

NBEP-91-69 1991 Sediment Erodibility In Narragansett Bay, RI:  A Method of Predicting Sediment Dynamics Keith, Davis, Paul (EPA-ERLN)  Sediment dynamics, erodibility, deposition, sheer stress, water content, texture

NBEP-91-70 1991 Land Use Map of the Hunt-Potowomut River Watershed Garvin, L. (IEP, Inc.) Hunt-Potowomut River watershed, land use, development; sub-basins, zoning districts, soils, watershed model inputs, Vegetated Buffer Strips, Maps

NBEP-91-71 1991 Financing Volume I:  An Inventory of Funding Sources for Cleanup and Maintenance of Narragansett Bay and Potential Funding Sources for a Statewide Water Quality Monitoring Program in Narragansett Bay Apogee Research  Funding/ financing, state/ local taxes, real estate transfer taxes, Government, impact, sewar assessment, beach fees, liscence plate, credit card affinities. aqua, clean water act, environmental trust, funds, Grants, services, permits, bonds, utilities, financing infrastructure, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Rural/ urban nonpoint source control, industrial pretreatment, ISDS control, municipal point source control, Water Quality

NBEP-91-72 1991 Financing Volume II:  Beneficiary-Based Financing for Local Enforcement of Soil Erosion, Sedimentation Control, and Stormwater Management Regulation; The Stormwater Management Utility:  A  Guide to Planning for the Narrow River Watershed, RI; and An Examination of the Financing of Improved Wastewater Treatment in Cranston, Warwick and West Warwick, RI Apogee Research Narrow River, Watershed, Cranston, Warwick. Funding/ finance; soil erosion, sedimentation control, stormwater Management, Local management, Case studies, stormwater utility, Waste Water, Maps

NBEP-91-73 1991 Effects of Chlorine on the Toxicity of a Wastewater Treatment Facility Effluent and Impacts on Receiving Waters Petrocelli, Nacci, Comeleo, Sheehan, Greene, Lima, Charles & Morrison  (SAIC/NBC/EPA-ERLN) WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility; effects/ impacts on receiving waters, chlorine treatment effects on Toxins. Indicators, sea urchin/ Arabacia punctulata, Hard Shell Clam, Quahog, Mercenaria, macroalgae, Champia parvula, Maps

NBEP-91-74 1991 Report on Providence River Toxicity Testing: Wet/ Dry Study Morrison, G.  (EPA-ERLN) Providence River, Wet Weather/Dry Weather, Toxins, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Indicators, sea urchin/ Arabacia punctulata, macroalgae/ Champia parvula, Ceriodaphnia dubia

NBEP-91-75 1991 A Review of Biological Effects of Toxic Pollutants on Organisms in Narragansett Bay Jeon & Oviatt (URI) Providnece River, Mount Hope Bay, Biological effects, Toxins, Contaminants, metals, organotoxic contaminants; PCB, PAH,PHC, Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Mercury, DDT. Hard Shell Clam, Quahog, Mercenaria, winter Flounder, Maps

NBEP-91-76 1991 Scup (Stenotomus chrysops) Species Profile Gray, C.L. (RIDEM) Scup, Stenotomus chrysops, economic value, range, abundance, history, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development

NBEP-91-77 1991 Providence River Wet Weather Dye Study Data Report Turner, Asselin, Feng, Puckett (ASA, Inc.)  Providence River, Wet Weather, Dye study, Latitude, Longitude, Depth, Temperature, Flurometry, Conductivity, Salinity, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, SigmaT, Raw Data 

NBEP-91-78 1991 Providence River Wet Weather Current Meter Study Data Report Turner, Puckett, Isaji, Feng (ASA, Inc.)   Providence River, Seekonk River, Fields Point, Gaspee Point, Wet Weather, Runoff; CSO, Comined Sewer Overflow, Sewage Treatment Plant, Pollutants/ pollution, Circulation Dynamics, Tidal Currents, Salinity, Temperature, flow, Maps

NBEP-90-26 1990 Trace Metals in Quahog Clams from Narragansett Bay Beach & Hittinger (Thibault/ Bubly Associates) Mount Hope Bay, Povidence River, Septic Systems, Quahog, Hard Shell Clam, Mercenaria,Trace Metal, Chromium Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Zinc, Jerome Gold Film Analyzer, Flame Atomic Absorbtion 

NBEP-90-27 1990 Zooplankton and Ichthyoplankton in Narragansett Bay: Status and Trends; Part 2: Ichthyoplankton Durbin & Durbin (URI) Mount Hope Bay, Ichthyoplankton, Zoolankton, Distribution, Menhaden, Anchove, Winter Flounder, Tautog, Weakfish, Windowpane, Silverside, Seaboard Goby

NBEP-90-28 1990 The Benthic Communities Within Narragansett Bay Frithsen (URI) Brushneck Cove, Greenwich Bay, RI Sound, Taunton River, Benthic communities, physical/ biological Characteristics, Sed Composition, core samples, Benthic larvae, Hard Shell Clam, Quahog, Mercenaria

NBEP-90-30 1990 Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis of Shore & Near-shore Users of the Upper Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. and Remote Sensing of Upper Narragansett Bay Using Spot-1 Imagery. West (URI) and West & Snyder (URI). Upper  Shore & Near-Shore Users, Remote Sensing, Spot-1 imagry, Public Surveys, Shorebased Recreation; fishing, boating, Beach goers, Near-Shore mapping, Maps

NBEP-90-31 1990 Characterization of "Brown-Tides" & Other Bloom Forming Picoalgae, & their Interactive Effects on Phytoplankton Hargraves (URI) Bloom Forming Picoalgae; Aureococcus anophagefferens, Minutocellus polymorphus, Synechoccus spp. Nannochloris/ Chlorella, Phytoplankton, Harmfull Algal Blooms, Brown Tide

NBEP-90-32 1990 Microbial Indicator Levels in Shellfish, Water, & Sediments from Upper Narragansett Bay Conditional Shellfish Growing Area Cabelli (URI) Shellfiah growing areas, Microbial Indicators, Clostridium Perfringes, Fecal Coliform, E. coli, F Phage, Distribution, Maps

NBEP-90-33 1990 Microbial Indicator Levels in the Providence River and Upper Narragansett Bay Cabelli (URI) Providence River, Microbial Indicators Clostridium Perfringes, Fecal Coliform, E. coli, F Phage, Sewage Treatment Plant, Shellfish, Maps

NBEP-90-34 1990 Quahog Histopathology Studies Kern (National Marine Fisheries Service) Providence River, Mount Hope Bay, Greenwich Bay, Mt View, OL, Shellfish, Quahog, Hard Shell Clam, Mercenaria, Soft Shell Clam, Histopathology, histology, pathology, Shell/ color abnormalities, Sex, external parasites, visible disease

NBEP-90-35 1990 Towards the Management of Narragansett Bay:  An Institutional Analysis Kumekawa, Giliberto, Carlson, & Poirer (URI) Management, Education case study, process alalysis, policy making

NBEP-90-36 1990 Assessing the Effects of Pollutant Exposure on Estuarine Populations Almeida & Fogarty (National Marine Fisheries Service) State of Estuarine populations Pollutants pollution, fishing, disease, predation, recruitment, growth, egg, larval, juvenile, adult, Model Assessment 

NBEP-90-37 1990 Methodology for Assessing Hazards of Contaminants in Seafood Brown, Goble, & Teitelbaum (Clark University) Organic Contaminant; PCBs, PAHs, Mercury, nickel Toxins, seafood, health effects, genetic mutations, acceptable levels

NBEP-90-38 1990 Using Single Species & Whole Ecosystem Tests to Characterize the Toxicity of a Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent Frithsen, Nacci, Oviatt, Strobel, &Walsh (URI) Sewage Treatment Plant, effluents, Toxins, silica, Arbacia punctulata/ sea urchin, Ecosystem Tests, mesocom experiments, Water Quality paramiters

NBEP-90-39 1990 Estimation of Surface-Water Runoff to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island & Massachusetts Ries, K. G. III (U.S.G.S.) Watershed Surface-Water Runoff, climate, land/ water use, regulations, estimated stream flow, Maps

NBEP-90-40 1990 Remote Sensing, Spot-1 imagery This report has been incorporated within #NBEP-90-30.  Remote Sensing, Spot-1 imagery

NBEP-90-41 1990 The First Year of the Narragansett Bay Project: Results and Recommendations Hoffman (Narragansett Bay Project) Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, Management, Briefing Paper, Water Quality, Blackstone River, Shellfish, public acess 

NBEP-90-42 1990 Improving An Estuarine Water Quality Ecosystem Model for Narragansett Bay Kremer (USC) User Guide; Computer model, Bay model Analyzer

NBEP-90-43 1990 Field Evaluation of Nitrogen Removal from Septic Systems for Coastal Communities Gold, Loomis, & Lamb (URI) Septc Systems, Nitrogen removal, RUCK system, Nutrient Loading, Nitrification, Denitrification

NBEP-90-44 1990 An Investigation into Multiple Uses of Vegetated Buffer Strips -1989. This report has been superseded by NBEP-91-63 Groffman, Gold, Husband, Simmons, & Eddleman (URI).   Vegetated Buffer Strips, non-Point source Pollution, groundwater, buffering capacity, microbial index, wildlife studies, Maps

NBEP-90-45 1990 Historical Review of Water Quality Management & Pollution Abatement in Narragansett Bay Needham & Robadue (URI) Water Quality Management, Pollution/ Pollution abaitment, historical review, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, Sewage Treatment Plant, Combined Sewer Overflow, CSO, governance

NBEP-90-46 1990 Etiology of Clam Leukemia Chang, P. W. (URI) Watershed, Soft Shell Clam, Hematopoietic neoplasia, etiology

NBEP-90-47 1990 Pathogens in Narragansett Bay: Issues, Inputs, and Improvement Options Roman, C. T. (Narragansett Bay Project)  Pathogens, Management, Microbial Indicators, fecal coliform, E coli, Clostridium Perfringes, Sewage Treatment Plant, Combined Sewer Overflow, CSO, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, ISDS, non-/pnt source, boating activity, Runoff, Response to chlorination

NBEP-90-48 1990 Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement: Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Programs in Rhode Island Sutinen & Lee (URI) WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility; pretreatment programs, Fields Point, Pollution, Blackstone Valley, District Commision, East Providencve, Discharge Limitations, non/compliance, enforcement

NBEP-90-49 1990 Characterizing Late Summer Water Quality in the Seekonk River, Providence River, and Upper Narragansett Bay (SQUIRT) Doering & Oviatt (URI) Upper  Providence River, Seekonk River, SQUIRT, Water Quality; Nutrients, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Sediment, Maps 

NBEP-90-50 1990 P8 Urban Catchment Model:  User's Guide, Program Documentation, and Evaluation of Existing Models. Software available upon request. Walker (IEP, Inc.) P8 Urban Catchment Model, User guide; installation, mechanics, operation, utilities 

NBEP-89-14 1989 Recent Growth and Biochemical Composition of Juvenile, Young-of-Year Winter Flounder from Different Areas of Narragansett Bay Buckley & Caldarone (National Marine Fisheries Service)  Winter Flounder, Young of Year, Growth rates, Tissue Samples, muscle, liver, RNA/ DNA Protien/ lipid content, Hepato-Somatic Index (HSI)

NBEP-89-15 1989 Historical Data Assessment: Finfishes of the Narragansett Bay Area: Report 1988 Jeffries, Hale, & Keller (URI)  Fin Fish, Trawl Survey,  Power Plant, GSO, NMFishable Swimable, Fish & Wildlife, Mossashuck River, Commercial Fisheries Catch Data

NBEP-89-16 1989 Monitoring of the Providence & Seekonk Rivers for Trace Metals & Associated Parameters (SPRAY) Doering, Pilson, & Oviatt (URI) Providence River, Seekonk River, Trace Metal;Cadmium, Nickel, Copper, Lead, Monitoring, Nutient Loading, Fresh Water, Tidal Influence, Transport Time, Spacial Distribution Maps

NBEP-89-17 1989 Phosphorus Loadings to the Groundwater from Suburban Land Uses: A Preliminary Analysis Gold & Loomis (URI)  Nutrient Loading, Eutrophication, Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Septic Systems, Sewage Treatment Plant, Leaching, home lawn, RUCK, Recirc Sand Filter, ISDS 

NBEP-89-18 1989 Zooplankton and Ichthyoplankton in Narragansett Bay: Status and Trends; Part 1: Zooplakton Durbin & Durbin (URI)  Mezozooplankton,  Zooplankton, Phytoplankton, Ichlioplankton, Bloom Forming Picoalgae, Distribution, Maps

NBEP-89-19 1989 A Review of the Major Research Studies on Petroleum Hydrocarbons & Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Narragansett Bay Quinn (URI) Blackstone River, Taunton River, Providence River, Pollutants/ Pollution; PCB, PAH, PHC, (non-)Point Sources, Urban Runoff, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Oil Spills, Distribution, Sediment, organisms, Shellfish, Quahog, mercenaria, mussel, Soft Shell Clam

NBEP-89-20 1989 A Review of Major Research Done in Rhode Island on Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Water, Atmosphere, Sediment, & Biota Latimer (URI) Blackstone River, Woonasquantucket River, Mussashuck River, Taunton River, Pawtuxet River, Point Sources, Fresh Water, Salt Water, Pollution, PCBs, Pesticides, Disribution, Sediment, Biota; fish, Shellfish, Quahog, Mercenaria, Mussel, Plankton, atmosphere

NBEP-89-21 1989 A Review of Narragansett Bay Phytoplankton Data: Status & Trends Hinga, Lewis, Rice, Dadey, Keller (URI)  Phytoplankton, Distribution, Primary Production, Diatoms, Dinoflagellates, Chlorophyll 

NBEP-89-22 1989 Water Quality Survey of Narragansett Bay: A Summary of Results from the SINBADD 1985-1986 Pilson & Hunt (URI)  SINBADD, Water Quality DO, dissolved Oxygen, Surface/ Bottom water, Nutrient Loading;Phosphorous, Amonia, Nitrogen, silica,Trace Metal; Cd, CopperPb, Nickel,Chromium, Silver, Mercury, Microbial  Bacteria, spores, Runoff, Sewage Treatment Plant, Distribution, Maps

NBEP-89-23 1989 Narragansett Bay Sediment Quality Survey: August 1988 Germano & Rhoads (Science Applications International Corp.)  Sediment Quality, REMOTS, Water Quality; Temperature, Salinity, DO, dissolved Oxygen, Hypoxia, Organic Contaminant; Clostridium perfringens spores, Human Health Indicators, Bacteria, Organic-Sediment Index, Redox-Potential Discontinuity, habitat, Maps

NBEP-89-24 1989 SPRAY Cruise Dissolved Oxygen and Chlorophyll (HYDROX) Doering, Oviatt, & Pilson (URI) Providence River, Taunton River, Blackstone River, TMR, Mussashuck River, Woonasquantucket River, Pawtuxet River, Fields Point, SPRAY, Water Quality, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, Distribution, Maps

NBEP-89-25 1989 Distribution of Trace Metals in the Water Column, Sediments, and Shellfish of Narragansett Bay Bender, Kester, Cullen, Quinn, King, Phelps, & Hunt (URI) Trace Metal Iron, Mercury,  Sn,Chromium Lead, Potassium, Amonia, Berilium, Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Cadmium, Sediment  Shellfish,  Quahog, Mercenaria, Hard Shell Clam, Phytoplankton, Distribution, Maps  

NBEP-88-03 1988 Development of a One-Dimensional Water Quality Model for the Blackstone River; Part 1: Chemical Monitoring of Pollutants in the Blackstone River Quinn, Latimer, Carey, Ellis, & Zheng (URI) Blackstone River, Water Quality,Trace Metal, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper,Lead, Nickelckel, Silver, Ag Pollution/ Pollution; Petrolium, Hydrocarbons, Organochlorin, Pesticides, Polychlorinated Byphenyls, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, Monitoring, Maps

NBEP-88-04 1988 Analyses of Archived Water Samples for Organic Pollutants   Quinn, Latimer, Ellis, Leblanc, &  Zheng (URI) Organic Contaminant,Pollutants/ pollution, Water Quality, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, Point-Source

NBEP-88-05 1988 Organic Contaminants in Quahogs, Mercenaria, Collected from Narragansett Bay Pruell, Norwood, Bowen, Palmquist, & Fluck (EPA-ERLN) Quahog, Mercenaria, Hard Shell Clam, Tissue Samples, Chemical Sepparation, Gas Chromotography, Mass Spectroscopy, Pollution/ Pollution/ Organic Contaminant PCB, Chl-Pesticides, PAH, Benzonirtiles, Maps

NBEP-88-06 1988 Bathing Beach Monitoring for New Indicators Deacutis, C. (RIDEM) Bathing Beach,Monitoring, Human Health, Microbial Indicators, Fecal Coliform, E. Coli, (EPA- Membrane Filter Method), Fishable Swimable, Fresh Water/ Salt Water, (non-)/ Point Sources

NBEP-88-07 1988 Status of the Hard Clam Fishery in Narragansett Bay Pratt, S. D.  (URI)  Quahog, Mercenaria, Hard Shell Clam, Little Neck, Soft Shell Clam, Musse, Values, Landings, Fishermen, Sources, Mgmt, Enforcement, Laws

NBEP-88-08 1988 Status of the Hard Clam, Mercenaria, in the Providence River and Mount Hope Bay Pratt, Martin, & Saila (URI) Providence River, Mount Hope Bay Quahog, Mercenaria, Hard Shell Clam, Distribution, Size, Management, Recomendations, Maps

NBEP-88-09 1988 Governance of Non-Point Source Inputs to Narragansett Bay: A Plan for Coordinated Action Myers (Ehrenfeld & Associates)  Water Quality, (Act of 1987), Eutrophication, (non-)Point Source Inputs, Laws, Sewage Treatment Plant/ Disposal, Sediment, Erosion, Runoff, Storm Water, Marina,CRMC, Management, Recomendations  

NBEP-88-10 1988 Development of a One-Dimensional Water Quality Model for the Blackstone River; Part 2: Mathematical Modeling Wright (URI) Blackstone River, Seekonk River, Water Quality, mathematical Formulations PAWTOXIC, Flow Profiles, Waste Water Drainage, Sediment, Suspended Solids,Trace Metal, Cadmium, Chromium Copper, Lead, Nickel

NBEP-88-11 1988 Mt. Hope Bay Sanitary Survey:  Microbiological; 1986-1987 Rippey & Watkins (FDA, Northeast Technical Services Unit) Mount Hope Bay, Taunton River, Demographics/ Classification of area, Water Quality, Waste Water/Drainage Water Sanitary Surveys, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Pollutants/ pollution, Microbial Indicators, fecal Coliform, E. Coli, Clostridium Perfringes, NSSP, National Shellfish Sanitation Program, Maps

NBEP-88-12 1988 Circulation Dynamics in Mt. Hope Bay & the Lower Taunton River Spaulding, White, Heinmiller, Simoneau, Liang, & Choi (URI) Mount Hope Bay, Taunton River, Flow Profiles, Circulation, Hydrodynamic models, Tides, Wind Density, River Flow,Maps

NBEP-88-12A 1988 Mercury in the Waters of Narragansett Bay Vandal & Fitzgerald (UConn) Mercury, Acid-Liable Hg, Fresh Water/ Salt Water, Salinity, Maps

NBEP-88-13 1988 Environmental Conditions & Plankton Dynamics in Narragansett Bay During An Annual Cycle Characterized By Brown-Tide Smayda (URI)  Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Bloom-forming Picoalgae, Brown-Tide, Diatoms, Dinoflagellates, Euglenoid, flagellates, Primary Production, Biomass/ Dynamics, Nutrient Loadong, Light

NBEP-87-01 1987 Narragansett Bay Issue Assessment: Public Perceptions Brown, Kossin, & Ward (Brown University) Enforcement, Pollutants/ pollution, Uses, Education, Public Surveys, Maps

NBEP-87-02 1987 Report on Goals for the Future of Narragansett Bay Keating (Tillinghast, Collins & Graham)  Future, Goals, Water Quality,Education, Enforcement, Public Access, Public Surveys

NBEP-90-29   (NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE) Does Not Exist  
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