This is a searchable library of scientific articles, reports, posters, and research projects in progress related to Narragansett Bay and its watershed. The publications include projects funded in by the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program from 1987 to present (listed below as “NBEP”), other research or projects developed by Program partners and other scientists and environmental professionals (listed below as “Partner”), and research that is underway (listed below as “In Progress”).

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Publication/ Research type YearTitleAuthor(s)Keywords
PartnerNBEP-20-2322020Final Report - Mill Cove Causeway Channel, Bank, & Footbridge ProjectThe Land Conservancy of North KingstownNorth Kingstown, Rhode Island, Mill Cove, Causeway,
NBEPNBEP-20-231B2020Daily-Resolution 2001-2017 Time Series of Total Nitrogen Load to Narragansett Bay from Bay-Wide Treatment Facility and Watershed SourcesDan Codiganitrogen loading, treatment facilities, Narragansett Bay
NBEPNBEP-20-231A2020Further Analysis and Synthesis of Narragansett Bay (RI/MA USA) Oxygen, Chlorophyll, and TemperatureDan CodigaStatus, trends, oxygen, chlorophyll, temperature
NBEPNBEP-20-2282019A synthesis of case studies from Narragansett Bay (RI/MA, USA) emphasizing implementation of the US Clean Water Act using adaptive managementSchmidt, C. E., Monroy, E., Cantwell, M., King, J., Roman, C. synthesis paper, Narragansett Bay, Adaptive Management, Clean Water Act, collaboration, watershed, water quality
PartnerNBEP-19-2272019Final Report - Research needs for marine beachesClean Ocean Accessresearch grants, marine beaches, water quality, Oakland Beach, Easton's Beach, enterococcus, Warren Town Beach
PartnerNBEP-19-2202019Final Report - Sediment profile imagery survey to evaluate benthic habitat quality in Narragansett Bay - 2018Shumchenia, E., and John Kingresearch grants, sediment profile imagery, benthic habitat, Narragansett Bay
PartnerNBEP-19-2192019Final Report - High Resolution Salt Marsh Mapping Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Rhode IslandDr. Pete August, The University of Rhode Island research grants, high resolution salt marsh mapping, salt marsh, unmanned ariel system, UAS, drone imagery
PartnerNBEP-18-2172018Watershed Level Effects of Multiple Ecosystem Restoration ProjectsForan, C. M., Fox-Lent, C., Chadderton, C., Gendron, W., Oliver, L., Monroy, E., Turek, J., Edwards, P., Suedel, B. Ecosystem management, restoration research, watershed scale, ecosystem restoration projects, Narragansett Bay watershed, fish passage, salt marsh, eelgrass restoration, shellfish restoration
NBEPNBEP-18-2162018Hopedale Pond Green Infrastructure Design (Site C1) Hopedale, MAPrepared for Town of Hopedale, MA; by ESS Group, Inc.Hopedale pond, stormwater infrastructure, hydrology, bioretention, BMP, best management practice
PartnerNBEP-18-2142018Performance of National Maps of Watershed Integrity at Watershed ScalesKuhn, A.; Leibowitz, S.G.; Johnson, Z.C.; Lin, J.; Massie, J.A.; Hollister, J.W.; Ebersole, J.L.; Lake, J.L.; Serbst, J.R.; James, J.; Bennett, M.G.; Brooks, J.R.; Nietch, C.T.; Smucker, N.J.; Flotemersch, J.E.; Alexander, L.C.; Compton, J.E. Watershed integrity, maps, watershed scale, watersheds, national maps,
NBEPNBEP-18-2112018How the Distribution of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Has Changed in Narragansett Bay (RI, USA) Following Major Reductions in Nutrient LoadsA. Oczkowski, C. Schmidt, E. Santos, K. Miller, A. Hanson, D. Cobb, J. Krumholz, A. Pimenta, L. Heffner, S. Robinson, J. Chaves, R. McKinneyStable isotope, ?15N, Eutrophication, Sewage treatment plant, Wastewater treatment facility, Tertiary treatment, Ecosystem response, Oligotrophication 
PartnerNBEP-18-2102018A Database of Historical Benthic Invertebrate Biodiversity Spanning 182 Years in Narragansett Bay (Rhode Island and Massachusetts)S. Hale, M. Hughes, H. Buffum
PartnerNBEP-18-2092018Performance of National Maps of Watershed Integrity at Watershed ScalesKuhn, A., et al. watershed and catchment integrity; sustainable watershed management; anthropogenic stressors; aquatic connectivity; StreamCat; water quality; nitrogen; wetlands; lakes; streams
Poster*NBEP-18-2062018Mapping Drivers of Change and Variation_High resolutionMonroy, E., Twichell, J., Kuhn, A., Charpentier, M., Swigor, J., Cressman, J., August, P., Jordan, P., and Schmidt, C. poster, 2017 State of Narragansett Bay and Its Watershed, drivers of change, watershed
PartnerNBEP-18-2052018A Strategy for Monitoring and Assessing the Quality of Massachusetts’
Waters to Support Multiple Water Resource Management Objectives 2016 – 2025
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Watershed Management Watershed Planning ProgramMassachusetts, monitoring, water quality, assessment, strategy, water resources, management
Poster*NBEP-18-2032018Metrics for Assessing Freshwater Fish in Narragansett BayRashleigh, B., and E. Monroyfreshwater fish, Narragansett Bay, poster, streams, fluvial fish, brook trout, cool-coldwater, environmental stressors, 2017 State of Narragansett Bay and Its Watershed
PartnerNBEP-17-2132017Application of State of Art Modeling Techniques to Predict Flooding and Waves for an Exposed Coastal AreaSpaulding, M.L.; Grilli, A.; Damon, C.; Fugate, G.; Oakley, B.A.; Isaji, T.; Schambach, L. Modeling techniques, flooding and waves, exposed coastal areas, FEMA
Poster*NBEP-17-2072017Landscape Stressors of the Narragansett Bay EcosystemCharpentier, M., Kuhn, A., Monroy, E., Cressman, J., and Swigor, J.landscape stressors, Narragansett bay, ecosystem, 2017 State of Narragansett Bay and Its watershed, population density, maps, household density, onsite systems
NBEPNBEP-17-2262017Stormwater Master Plan, City of PawtucketCity of Pawtucket, Fuss & O'Neill SNEP, Pawtucket, Rhode island, stormwater, master plan, grant project, TMDL, water quality,
PartnerNBEP-17-2022017Changes in nitrogen isotope ratios in estuarine biota following nutrient reductions to Narragansett BayTaplin, B., R. Pruell, K. Miller, and M. CharpentierCoastal & Estuarine Reserch Federation, Rhode Island, Narragansett Bay, estuarine, isotope rations, nitrogen, nutrient reductions
PartnerNBEP-17-2002017Managed nutrient reduction impacts on nutrient concentrations, water clarity, primary production, and hypoxia in a north temperate estuaryOviatt, C., Smith, L., Krumholz, J., Coupland, C., Stoffel, H., Keller, A., McManus, M. C., and Reed, L.nitrogen reduction, system responses, hypoxia
PartnerNBEP-17-1952017Assessment of Nitrogen Inputs into Hunt River by Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems via SWAT SimulationPaul, S., Cashman, M., Szura, K., and Pradhanang, S. Nitrogen, SWAT, OWTS, waste water, septic, watershed, Hunt River, Soil and water assessment, hydrologic modeling, URI
PartnerNBEP-17-1942017The impact of water quality in Narragansett Bay on housing pricesLiu, T., Opaluch, J., and E. UchidaNarragansett Bay, housing prices, water quality,hedonic housing-price model,
PartnerNBEP-17-1932017A Random Forest approach to predict the spatial distribution of sediment pollution in an estuarine systemWalsh, E., Kreakie, B., Cantwell, M., Nacci, D.spatial distribution, sediment pollution, estuarine system, Narragansett Bay, Random Forest approach, polluntants, triclosan, TCS, combined sewer overflow discharge
PartnerNBEP-17-1922017The influence of weather on the recreational uses of coastal lagoons in Rhode Island, USAPatrolia, E., Thompson, R., Dalton, T., and Hoagland, P.coastal lagoons, coastal recreation, climate change, weather thresholds, GIS, B-BOTS, salt ponds, tourism, outdoor recreation, human activities, temperature, boating, rowing, fishing, swimming, relaxing
PartnerNBEP-17-1912017Stream Continuity Assessment in the Taunton River WatershedMass Audubonstream continuity, Taunton, watershed, climate change, stream crossing, ecological restoration, aquatic movement, streams, NAACC, CAPS
NBEPNBEP-17-1892017Bay-Friendly LivingSave The BayBay Friendly Living, Save The Bay, Watershed, Narragansett Bay, Landscape Management, Bay-friendly actions, rain garden, native plants, save water, septic system maintenance
PartnerNBEP-17-1872017Mapping the coastal risk for the next century, including sea level rise and changes in the coastling: application to Charlestown RI, USAGrilli, A., Spaulding, M. L., Oakley, B. A., and C. Damondamage to coastal structures, inundation, flooding, wave, sea level rise, coastal erosion, dune erosion
NBEPNBEP-17-1842017Feasibility Study for Anadromous Fish Passage Blackamore and Cranberry Ponds Cranston and Warwick, Rhode IslandESS Group, Inc. for the Pawtuxet River AuthorityAnadromous river herring, American shad, Blackamore Pond, Cranberry Pond, Cranston, Rhode Island, Pawtuxet River, fish passage, streamflow
PartnerNBEP-17-1832017Erratum: Coastal water column ammonium and nitrite oxidation are decoupled in summerHiess, E. M., and Robinson W. Fulweilernitrification, nitrogen cycle, water column, environmental effects, Narragansett Bay
PartnerNBEP-17-1812017Species coexistence and the superior
ability of an invasive species to exploit
a facilitation cascade habitat
Altieri, A. H., and A. D. Irvingbiotic acceptance, foundation species, biodiversity, niche, invasive species, facilitation, nursery habitat, positive interactions, ecology
PartnerNBEP-17-1802017Analysis of Trends of Water Quality and Streamflow in the Blackstone, Branch, Pawtuxet, and Pawcatuck Rivers, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1979 to 2015. U.S.Savoie, J. G., Mullaney, J. R., and G. C. Bent, in cooperation with RI DEM, RI WRB, and US EPAtrends, streamflow, water quality, Branch River, Pawcatuck River, Blackstone River, Pawtuxet River, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
NBEPNBEP-17-179A2017Spatial and temporal variability in macroalgal blooms in a eutrophied coastal estuaryThornber, C. S., Guidone, M., Deacutis, C., Green, L., Ramsay, C. N., and M. Palmiscianoharmful macroalgal blooms, Narragansett Bay, spatial and temporal variability, eutrophied coastal estuary
NBEPNBEP-17-179B2017Spatial and temporal variability in macroalgal blooms in a eutrophied coastal estuary (maps)Thornber, C. S., Guidone, M., Deacutis, C., Green, L., Ramsay, C. N., and M. Palmiscianoharmful macroalgal blooms, Narragansett Bay, spatial and temporal variability, eutrophied coastal estuary
PartnerNBEP-17-1732017Retrospective Analysis of Heavy Metal Contamination in Rhode Island Based on Old and New Herbarium SpecimensRudin, S. M., Murray, D. W., and T. J. S. Whitfeldheavy metals, herbarium specimens
PartnerNBEP-17-1722017Ecological differences influence the thermal sensitivity of swimming performance in two co-occuring mysid shrimp species with climate change implicationsOber, G. T., Thornber, C., Grear, J., and J. J. Kolbethermal tolerance, thermal sensitivity of performance, climate change, thermal variation, ocean warming
PartnerNBEP-17-1712017Burrowing and foraging activity of marsh crabs under different inundation regimesSzura, K., McKinney, R. A., Wigand, C., Oczkowski, A., Hanson, A., Gurak, J., and M. Garatesalt marsh, Uca spp., crab burrowing, stable isotope
PartnerNBEP-17-1702017Bull-raking effects on infaunal benthic communitiesDaniela O'Regan, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RIBull-raking, quahog, Mercenaria mercenaria, Narragansett Bay, benthic communities
NBEPNBEP-16-2302016Climate Change Vulnerabilities Scoping Report: Risks to Clean Water Act Goals in Northeast Sub-regions - March 2016EPA Contract Number EP-C-14-017climate change, vulnerability assessment, clean water, northeast sub-regions
NBEPNBEP-16-2292016Climate Change Vulnerabilities Scoping Report: Risks to Clean Water Act Goals in Habitats of the Northeast - January 2016EPA Contract Number EP-C-14-017climate change, vulnerability assessment, clean water, northeast
NBEPNBEP- 16-2182016Final Report - Sheffield Cove Innovative Stormwater and Pathogen Controls, Jamestown, RIMichael Gray, P.E., Town of Jamestown, RISNEP, Narragansett Bay, stormwater, pathogens, innovative controls, permeable pavement, Jamestown, BMPs, swales, sand filter
NBEPNBEP-16-2152016Identification and Assessment of Causes of Impairment: Trout Brook - Town of AvonTown of Avon, MA SNEP, Avon, MA, Trout, Brook, water impairment, stormwater, watershed-based planning
NBEPNBEP-16-2042016Stormwater BMP Planning for Stillhouse Cove, City of Cranston, RI - Final ReportFuss & O'Neill for City of CranstonSNEP, Stormwater, BMP, Stillhouse Cove, Rhode Island, Narragansett bay, water quality, drainage areas
NBEPNBEP-16-1972016Town of East Bridgewater, MA Implementation Plans for Town Center Wastewater Improvements - Final Summary ReportWeston & Sampson for the Town of East BridgewaterSNEP, wastewater improvements, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, sewer expansion, service area
NBEPNBEP-16-1962016Final Report - Phosphorus Reduction Analysis for Brickyard Pond, Barrington, RIESS Group, Inc. for the Town of Barrington Department of Public WorksSNEP, Barrington, Rhode Island, TMDL, phosphorous, stormwater,
NBEPNBEP-16-1902016Final Report - Stormwater Outfall Assessment for the East and West Monponsett PondsGHD for the Town of HalifaxSNEP, stormwater outfalls, Halifax, Massachusetts, point source pollution, impervious surface, runoff, phosphorus, nutrient loading, TMDL
NBEPNBEP-16-1782016Final Report - Reducing Nitrogen Inputs to Narragansett Bay: Optimizing the Performance of Existing Onsite Wastewater Treatment TechnologiesAmador, J. A., Loomis, G., Lancellotti, B., Hoyt, K., Avizinis, E., and S. WiggintonSNEP, nitrogen inputs, Narragansett Bay, OWTS, Onsite water treatment technologies
PartnerNBEP-17-1692016Temporal and spatial behavior of pharmaceuticals in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, United StatesCantwell, M. G., Katz, D. R., Sullivan, J. C., Ho, K., and R. M. BurgessWWTP, pharmaceutical, Narragansett Bay, flushing, bioavailability
PartnerNBEP-16-2122016STORMTOOLS: Coastal Environmental Risk Index (CERI)Spaulding, M.L.; Grilli, A.; Damon, C.; Crean, T.; Fugate, G.; Oakley, B.A.; Stempel, P. Coastal zone, environmental risk index, STORMTOOLS, GIS,
NBEPNBEP-16-2212016Final Report - Implementation Plan for Pawcatuck River Bacteria TMDL: Downtown Westerly (Phase 1)VHB for the Town of Westerly, RI SNEP, Implementation Plan, Pawcatuck River, Bacteria TMDL, Westerly
NBEPNBEP-16-2222016Final Report - Stormwater Pathogens: Find It and Fix ItDavid McLaughlin, Clean Ocean Access SNEP, stormwater pathogens, Newport, Aquidneck Island, Easton's beach, Middletown
NBEPNBEP-15-2232015Final Report - Stormwater Management: Suburban Parkway, Warwick, RIEric Earls, City of Warwick SNEP, stormwater management, Warwick, BMP, discharge surface runoff, infiltration
NBEPNBEP-16-1862016NBEP State of the Watershed Indices from Oxygen & Chlorophyll Time Series - Final Project ReportCodiga, DanOxygen and Chlorophyll Time Series, Narragansett Bay
PartnerNBEP-16-1672016Ploidy Distribution of the Harmful Bloom Forming Macroalgae Ulva spp. In Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, USA, Using Flow Cytometry MethodsPotter, E. E., Thornber, C. S., Swanson, J-D., and M. McFarlandmacroalgal blooms, harmful bloom, Ulva spp. Narragansett Bay, Ploidy Distribution, cytometry methods
PartnerNBEP-16-1662016Modeling Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Concentrations in Narragansett Bay.Abdelrhman, M.Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Narragansett Bay, submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV)
NBEPNBEP-16-1652016Increase Public Access of the Shoreline (IPAS) Final ReportMcLaughlin, D., and D. Carey (Clean Ocean Access)rights of way, public access, Aquidneck Island, Clean Ocean Access
NBEPNBEP-16-1642016Accuracy of Rapid Tests Used for Analysis of Advanced Onsite Wastewater Treatment System EffulentLancellotti, B. V., Bercaw, R. J., Loomis, G. W., Hoyt, K. P., Avizinis, E. J., and J. A. AmadorOnsite wastewater treatment system, rapid test, accuracy, wastewater, regression analysis
PartnerNBEP-16-1612016Comparing Measures of Estuarine Ecosystem Production in a Temperate New England EstuaryOczkowski, A., Hunt, C.W., Miller, K. et al. pH, dissolved oxygen, production, estuary, eutrophication, nutrients, ecosystem
PartnerNBEP-16-1582016Establishing an Anthropogenic Nitrogen Baseline Using Native American Shell MiddensOczkowski, A., Gumbley, T., Carter, B., et al. shell, nitrogen, stable isotope, midden, Mercenaria mercenaria, Crassostrea virginica, Narragansett Bay
PartnerNBEP-16-1572016Diagnosis of potential stressors adversely affecting benthic invertebrate communities in Greenwich Bay, Rhode Island, USAPelletier, M., et al. Greenwich Bay, toxicology, stressors, benthic invertebrate communities
PartnerNBEP-16-1542016Between Land and Sea: The Atlantic Coast and the Transformation of New EnglandChristopher L. PastoreNarragansett Bay, New England, transformation, historical
PartnerNBEP-16-1532016Will Dam Removal Increase Nitrogen Flux to Estuaries?Gold, A. J., Addy, K., Morrison, A., and Marissa Simpsondams, dam removal, nitrogen, tradeoffs, classification, estuaries, fish migration, safety
PartnerNBEP-16-1522016Eutrophication and Hypoxia Diminish Ecosystem Functions of Benthic Communities in a New England EstuaryHale, Stephen S., Cicchetti, Giancarlo, Deacutis, Christopher F.marine benthic communities, biodiversity, ecosystem functions, eutrophication, hypoxia, Narragansett Bay
PartnerNBEP-16-1512016Assessing tidal marsh resilience to sea-level rise at broad geographic scales with multi-metric indicesRaposa, Kenneth B., et al. Assessment, index, marsh, National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS), resilience, sea-level rise, tidal
PartnerNBEP-16-1502016Hell and High Water: Diminished Septic System Performance in Coastal Regions Due to Climate ChangeCooper, J. A., Loomis, G. W., Amador, J. A.climate change, septic systems, coastal regions, onsite wastewater treatment systems, OWTS
PartnerNBEP-16-1432016Changes to nitrate isotopic composition of wastewater treatment effluent and rivers after upgrades to tertiary treatment in the Narragansett Bay watershed, RISchmidt, C. E., Robinson, R. S., Fields, L., Nixon, S. W.wastewater treatment, tertiary treatment, denitrification, nitrate, nitrogen and oxygen isotopes, Narragansett Bay
PartnerNBEP-16-1422016Mercury contamination in Southern New England coastal fisheries and dietary habits of recreational anglers and their families: Implications to human health and issuance of consumption advisoriesTaylor, D. L., Williamson, P. consumption, mercury exposure, recreational anglers, US EPA threshold and reference dose value, contamination
PartnerNBEP-16-1412016Sea level rise, drought and the decline of Spartina patens in New England marshesWatson, E. B., Szura, K., Raposa, K. B., Blount, K., Cencer, M.Climate change, marsh die-back, storms, precipitation, spartina alterniflora, marsh organ, thin layer deposition, TLD, saltmarsh sparrow
PartnerNBEP-16-1402016A Re-assessment of Narragansett Bay Benthic Habitat Quality Between 1988 and 2008Shumchenia, E. J., Guarinello, M. L., King, J. W.benthic habitat quality, Narragansett Bay, biotope, climate change, organic enrichment, sediment profile imagery
PartnerNBEP-16-1382016A Vulnerability Assessment of Fish and Invertebrates to Climate Change on the Northeast U.S. Continental ShelfHare J. A., Morrison W. E., Nelson M. W., Stachura M. M., Teeters E. J., Griffis R. B., et al.Climate change, vulnerability assessment, fish, invertebrates, Continental Shelf, Northeast U.S.
PartnerNBEP-16-1362016Selected pharmaceuticals entering an estuary: Concentrations, temporal trends, partitioning, and fluxesCantwell, M. G., Katz, D. R., Sullivan, J. C., Ho, K., Burgess, R. M., Cashman, M.Narragansett Bay, pharmaceuticals, estuary, concentrations, temporal trends, partitioning, fluxes
PartnerNBEP-16-1352016Coincident patterns of waste water suspended solids reduction, water transparency increase and chlorophyll decline in Narragansett BayBorkman, D. G., Smayda, T. J.Chlorophyll, water clarity, oligotrophication, skeletonema, Narragansett Bay, nutrient loading, suspended solids
NBEPNBEP-16-1322016Update and integration of the 2014 and 2015 data into the Spatial Survey data set and generation of decade-long (2005-2015) trends of DO and Chlorophyll distribution in mid and upper Narragansett Bay for the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program’s
The State of Our Watershed Report
Prell, W.L, Murray, D.W., Carlson, L., and Thieleman, E.Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, Hypoxia, Spatial Surveys, Narragansett Bay
NBEPNBEP-16-132_data2016Update and integration of the 2014 and 2015 data into the Spatial Survey data set and generation of decade-long (2005-2015) trends of DO and Chlorophyll distribution in mid and upper Narragansett Bay for the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program’s
The State of Our Watershed Report - Data
Prell, W.L, Murray, D.W., Carlson, L., and Thieleman, E.Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, Hypoxia, Spatial Surveys, Narragansett Bay, data
NBEPNBEP-16-1292016Championing the Public's Right to Access the ShoreSave the BayRights of way, public access, Narragansett Bay, GIS
PartnerNBEP-15-2012015American lobster nurseries of southern New England receding in the face of climate changeWhale, R., Dellinger, L., Olszewski, S., and Jekielek, P. American lobster, climate change, Narragansett Bay, nursery habitat, settlement
PartnerNBEP-15-1772015Quantitative Models Describing Past and Current Nutrient Fluxes and Associated Ecosystem Level Responses in the Narragansett Bay EcosystemRashleigh, B., Walker, H., Gleason, T., et al. quantitative models, nutrient fluxes, ecosystem level responses, Narragansett Bay, Ecosystem
PartnerNBEP-15-1762015Trend analysis of stressors and ecological responses, particularly nutrients, in the Narragansett Bay WatershedChintala, M. M., et al.nitrogen, Narragansett Bay, historic trends, eutrophication
NBEPNBEP-15-1282015Reanalysis of the Narragansett Bay Spatial Survey (Day Trippers) Water Column Data for Temperature, Salinity, Density, and Dissolved Oxygen (2005-2013)Prell, W.L., Murray, D.W., Howell, P.Spatial survey, water column data, temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, Narragansett Bay
NBEPNBEP-15-128_data2015DO Survey Data 2001-2013 for: Reanalysis of the Narragansett Bay Spatial Survey (Day Trippers) Water Column Data for Temperature, Salinity, Density, and Dissolved Oxygen (2005-2013)Prell, W.L., Murray, D.W., Howell, P.Spatial survey, water column data, temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, Narragansett Bay
PartnerNBEP-15-1372015Whole truths vs. half truths - And a search for clarity in long-term water temperature records Fulweiler, R. W., Oczkowski, A. J., Miller, K. M., Oviatt, C. A., Pilson, M. E. Q.Climate, long term changes, water temperature, temporal variations, long-term records
PartnerNBEP-15-1622015Water-Quality Trends in the Scituate Reservoir Drainage Area, Rhode Island, 1983-2012Kirk P. Smithwater supply, Scituate Reservoir, water quality trends, Rhode Island
NBEPNBEP-14-233A2014Final Report - DRAFT - West Warwick Stormwater Utility Implementation and Hardig Brook Restoration ProjectTown of West Warwick, ESS GroupSNEP, West Warwick, Stormwater utility
NBEPNBEP-14-233B2014Final Report - Phase II Feasibility Assessment for a Municipal Stormwater Management District, West WarwickTown of West Warwick, ESS GroupSNEP, West Warwick, Stormwater utility
NBEPNBEP-14-233C2014West Warwick Stormwater Utility Credit ManualTown of West Warwick, ESS GroupSNEP, West Warwick, Stormwater utility
NBEPNBEP-14-233D2014Town of West Warwick - Ordinance Amendment for Stormwater UtilityTown of West Warwick, ESS GroupSNEP, West Warwick, Stormwater utility
NBEPNBEP-14-1312014Final Report - Ribbed Mussel Nutrient Bio-extraction Pilot ProjectHudson, R., Kutcher, T.E., Rose, J. M., Dixon, M. S. (Save the Bay)SNEP, mussels, Bio-extraction, Save the Bay, Narragansett Bay
NBEPNBEP-14-1302014Final Report - Source Water Phosphorus Reduction Feasibility PlanFuss & O'Neill for City of NewportSNEP, Source water, Phosphorus, Newport
NBEPNBEP-14-2242014Final Report - Nutrient Reduction through Innovative Land Use TechniquesMassAudubonSNEP, shaping the future of your community, planning, saving land
NBEPNBEP-14-2252014Final Report - Moswansicut Reservoir Phosphorus Outreach and Monitoring ProjectNorthern Rhode Island Conservation District (NRICD)SNEP, phosphorus, outreach, monitoring, public drinking water supply, northern RI
PartnerNBEP-14-1332014Herbivory Drives the Spread of Salt Marsh Die-OffBertness, M. D., Brisson, C. P., Bevil, M. C., Crotty, S. M.Salt marsh, die-off, herbivory, Narragansett Bay
PartnerNBEP-14-1602014Recovery of Data from the Narragansett Bay Project, 1985-1992: User's Manual and CD-ROMHale, S., M. Hughes, H. Buffum, AND C. AudetteNarragansett Bay Project, user manual, CD ROM
PartnerNBEP-13-1742013Constrained age of Glacial Lake Narragansett and the deglacial chronology of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in southeastern New EnglandOakley, B. A., and Jon C. BoothroydVarve, Laurentide, Deglaciation, Late Wisconsinan, Glacial Lake, Narragansett
PartnerNBEP-12-1822012Nutrient and Sediment Concentrations, Yields, and Loads in Impaired Streams and Rivers in the Taunton River Basin, Massachusetts, 1997–2008Barbaro, J. R., and Sorenson, J. R., Prepared in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Watershed ManagementNutrients, sediment, Taunton River Basin, Impaired streams and rivers, 1997-2008
PartnerNBEP-12-1752012Benthic Geologic Habitats of Shallow Estuarine Environments: Greenwich Bay and Wickford Harbor, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, U.S.AOakley, B. A., Alvarez, J. D., and Jon C. BoothroydDepositional environments, side-scan sonar, geology
PartnerNBEP-11-1442011Factors Influencing Riverine Fish Assemblages in MassachusettsArmstrong, D. S., Richards, T. A., Levin, S. B. Riverine fish assemblages, Massachusetts, river flow
PartnerNBEP-11-1682011Some challenges of an "upside down" nitrogen budget - Science and management in Greenwich Bay, RI (USA)DiMilla, P. A., Nixon, S. W., Oczkowski, A. J., Altabet, M. A., and R. A. McKinneynitrogen, mass balance, Greenwich Bay, Narragansett Bay, eutrophication, stable isotope
Resource*NBEP-10-2082010 Modeled nitrogen loading to Narragansett Bay: 1850 to 2015Vadeboncoeur, M.A., S.P. Hamburg, and D. Pryornitrogen loading, Narragansett Bay, population, watershed, nonpoint, N reductions
NBEPNBEP-09-1992009Currents of Change: Environmental Status and Trends of the Narragansett Bay Region - Public Summary ReportNarragansett Bay Estuary Programcurrents of change, public summary report, indicators, stressors, status and trends, hypoxia, beach closures, shellfishing closures, fresh water impairments, water quality evaluation, fresh water flow, chloride in lakes, estuarine fish, invasive species, seagress, wetlands, habitat restoration, impervious surface, land use, land cover, water quality improvements, environmental expenditures
NBEPNBEP-09-1982009Currents of Change: Environmental Status and Trends of the Narragansett Bay Region - Final Technical DraftNarragansett Bay Estuary Programstatus and trends, technical report, indicators, anthropogenic ecosystem, estuarine waters, fresh waters, watershed lands, ecosystem management, living resources, currents of change
PartnerNBEP-09-1392009The impact of changing climate on phenology, productivity, and benthic-pelagic coupling in Narragansett BayNixon, S. W., Fulweiler, R. W., Buckley, B. A., Granger, S. L., Nowicki, B. L., Henry, K. M.climate change, phenology, productivity, benthic-pelagic coupling, Narragansett Bay, nutrient cycling, oligotrophication
PartnerNBEP-09-1592009Narragansett Bay Hypoxic Event Characteristics Based on Fixed-Site Monitoring Network Time Series: Intermittency, Geographic Distribution, Spatial Synchronicity, and Interannual VariabilityCodiga, D. L., Stoffel, H. E., Deacutis, C. F., Kiernan, S., and C. Oviatthypoxia, suboxic, oxygen deficiency, time series, Narragansett Bay, water quality
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NBEPNBEP-92-1141992Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for Narragansett Bay (CCMP)Division of Planning, Rhode Island Department of AdministrationManagement, Conservation, Habitat, Restoration
NBEPNBEP-92-1151992CCMP Executive SummaryCCMP Executive Summary
NBEPNBEP-92-791992Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) Species ProfileGray, C.L. (RIDEM)Alewife Alosa pseudoharengus. economic value, range, abundance, history, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development
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NBEPNBEP-92-841992Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) Species ProfileGray, C.L. (RIDEM)Atlantic Menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus economic value, stock description, range, habitat/ feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development
NBEPNBEP-92-851992Blackstone River 1990Wright, Runge, Lee, Chaudhury (URI)Blackstone River, non/Point source loadings, Water Quality; Wet Weather/ Dry Weather conditions, discharge limits, Discharge Monitoring Reports, flows, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, hydroelectric power, dredging, dams, Potential Management
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NBEPNBEP-92-891992Critical Resource Area Protection "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Management CommitteeNarragansett Bay Management CommitteeNarragansett Bay Estuary Program, Briefing Paper, Critical Area Resource Protection, Critical Protection Area, CRMC Vegetated Buffer Strips, land use, Water Quality, Habitat preservation, wetlands protection, watershed, population density, species diversity, Maps
NBEPNBEP-92-901992Abstracts from February 17, 1992 SymposiumScience and the Narragansett Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management PlanCCMP, Wet Weather, Pollution loading, Combined Sewer Systems, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, abatement, Management, Critical Natural Resources, Habitat inventory, resource mapping, Buffer Zones, Land Use, Water Quality, economic, Monitoring, Maps
NBEPNBEP-92-911992American Eel (Anquilla rostrata) Species Profile. See folder for NBEP-91-56.Gray, C.L. (RIDEM)American Eel, Anquilla rostrata, economic value, stock description, range, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development
NBEPNBEP-92-921992Final Report on the Hazardous Waste Reduction Project & DEMÌ¥s Pollution Prevention ProgramHazardous Waste Reduction ProjectHazardous Waste Reduction Project, HWRP, Pollution, Pollution prevention, Protocols, incentives barriers, industries, metals, plastics, rubber, jewelry, machinery, electronics, oil, Sewage Treatment Plant, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Pollution, air toxics, Volatile Organic Contaminant, public/ employee involvement
NBEPNBEP-92-931992The Land Management Project Completion ReportThe Land Management ProjectCCMP, Land Management Project, nonpoint source Management, workshops, conferences, literature, demonstrations, government involvement, technical support, funding,
NBEPNBEP-92-941992The Land Management Project Publications Appendix.The Land Management ProjectFact sheets; Land use, Water Quality, Best Management Practices, research reviews, wetlands; flood control, groundwater, surface water, wildlife, recreation, regulation, local ordinances, Nutrient Loading, nonpoint source controls, septic systems, Pollution, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, roads, stormwater, survey responses
NBEPNBEP-92-951992Narragansett Bay Public Opinion SurveyAdvantage Research CorporationPublic Opinion surveys, recreation, importance, funding, Pollution
NBEPNBEP-92-961992A Preliminary Assessment of Environmental Quality in Greenwich BayNowicki & McKenna (URI)Greenwich Bay, Warwick, Apponaug, Brush Neck, North Kingston, Environmental quality, Coliforms, indicators, Water Quality; Nutrients, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, metals, hydrocarbons, Finfish, Shellfish, Benthos, Pollution/ Pollution inputs; Sewage Treatment Plant, surface Runoff, boating. SINBADD, Maps
NBEPNBEP-92-971992Land Use as it Relates to Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat "Briefing Paper" and Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management CommitteeNarragansett Bay Management CommitteeBriefing Paper, Land Use, control Programs, Zoning, Natural Resources, Management, Water Quality, Preservation, Conservation, Sewage, Waste Water, Permitting, Regulation
NBEPNBEP-92-981992Water Management: Supply, Use, & Treatment "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management CommitteeNarragansett Bay Management CommitteeCCMP, Briefing Paper, Water Management, treatment facilities; WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, Sewage Treatment Plant, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Pollution, ISDS, Septic Systems, conservation, environmental, economic, political
NBEPNBEP-92-991992Monitoring InventoryMichelman, Mmon programs; federal, state RI, MA, University, local, SPRAY, SINBAD, shellfish, finfish, bathing beach, Sed, Water Quality, WW/DW, Pollutants/ pollution...
NBEPNBEP-91-511991Winter Flounder Contaminant and Pathological Survey: Narragansett Bay and Vicinity. 65 pp. Includes Wolke & Recksiek (URI). Narragansett Bay Winter Flounder Macrophage Aggregate Number Corrected for Age. And Technical Report on Aging of Winter Flounder Otoliths from Rhode IslandLee, Saila, & Wolke (URI). And Haas, R.E. (URI).Warwick Neck, Quonochontaug Pond, Whale Rock, winter flounder, pathology, containment, Pollution/ Pollutants; PCBs, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, tissue samples; muscle, liver, otoliths. HMA (Hepatic Macrophage Aggregate), Maps
NBEPNBEP-91-521991A History of Metal Inputs to Narragansett BayNixon, S. W. (URI)History, Mercury, Silver, Cadmium, As, Chromium, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc. Inputs; industries, machines, tools, smelting, steam engines, railroads, telephones, jewelry, TVs, radios, cars, Road, Runoff, Sewage Treatment Plant, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow
NBEPNBEP-91-531991Evaluation of Critical Protection Area Delineation TechniqueHorsley Witten Hegemann, Inc.Critical Protection Areas, Critical Resource Areas, Regulations, delineations, ISDS, Ground/surface water, state comparisons. Watershed; Lakes, streams, wetlands, aquifers, wells. Contaminants, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, bacteria, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, pesticides, Maps
NBEPNBEP-91-541991Sewage Contamination/Pathogens "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management CommitteeNarragansett Bay Project Management Committee.Briefing Paper, Sewage Treatment Plant, Pathogens, Contaminants, public health risks; typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, gastroenteritis. Shellfishing closures, landings, Fishable Swimmable.
NBEPNBEP-91-551991Vegetated Buffer Strip Designation Method Guidance ManualPalmstrom, N. (IEP. Inc.)Vegetated Buffer Strips, guidelines, regulations, limitations stormwater Runoff, Pollution, attenuation, fauna/ flora protection
NBEPNBEP-91-561991Winter Flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) Species ProfileGray, C. L. (RIDEM)winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, economic value, range, abundance, history, habitat requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development, Mount Hope Bay, Sakonnet River, Greenwich Bay, Wickford cove
NBEPNBEP-91-571991Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) Species ProfileGray, C. L. (RIDEM)Bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix, economic value, range, history, habitat requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development
NBEPNBEP-91-581991Narragansett Bay Combined Sewer OverflowsMetcalf & EddyBlackstone Valley district commission, Combined Sewer Overflow, CSO flows, loads, Pollution/ Pollution; fecal coliform, metals, Nutrient Loading, organics, Public health, abatement projects
NBEPNBEP-91-591991Narragansett Bay Regionalization StudyMetcalf & Eddyregionalization, discharge, Fields point, Greenwich Bay, Warwick, Cranston, Providence, Quonset Point, Point Judith WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Maps
NBEPNBEP-91-601991Combined Sewer Overflows "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management CommitteeNarragansett Bay Project Management CommitteeBriefing Paper, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow abatement policies, Water Quality, discharge, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, disinfection
NBEPNBEP-91-611991Boater Waste Disposal "Briefing Paper" and Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Project Management CommitteeNarragansett Bay Project Management CommitteeBriefing Paper, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, boater waste disposal, boat-sewage discharge, pump-out facilities, education, enforcement, Marine Sanitation Device equipment
NBEPNBEP-91-621991Health Risk From Chemically Contaminated Seafood "Briefing Paper" & Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Management CommitteeNarragansett Bay Project Management CommitteeBriefing Paper, NBEPMC; public health risk, chemical Contaminants in seafood. Risk assessment; Kipp, Brown Univeristy, Hoffman. Regulations, policy, protocols, health advisories
NBEPNBEP-91-631991An Investigation into Multiple Uses of Vegetated Buffer Strips (1988-1989)Groffman, Gold, Husband, Simmons, & Eddleman (URI)Vegetated Buffer Strips, surface removal, groundwater studies, Microbial Indicators, buffering capacity, wildlife studies, non-point source Pollutants/ pollution, Nitrogen Loading, Recommendations, management
NBEPNBEP-91-641991Aspects of Climate Around Narragansett BayPilson (URI)Climate; temperature, light, wind, precipitation, river flow, glacial movement
NBEPNBEP-91-651991Mount Hope Bay "Briefing Paper" and Proceedings from Narragansett Bay Management CommitteeNarragansett Bay Management CommitteeBriefing Paper, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, Mount Hope Bay, environmental condition/ degradation, sewage/ Toxins, Contaminants, Pollution, Combined Sewer Overflow, CSO abatement, Water Quality, Shellfishing, interstate cooperation, Fall River, Brayton Point, Organic Contaminant, Hypoxia
NBEPNBEP-91-661991Recent Metal Inputs to Narragansett BayNixon, S.W. (URI)Mount Hope Bay, Sakonnet River, Blackstone River, Providence River, Woonasquatucket River, Moshassuck River, Taunton River, metal inputs; Cadmium, Chromium Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Silver, atmospheric deposition, Runoff, Rivers, storms, industrial discharge, Sewage, Pollution, Metal flux-river flow relationship, Maps
NBEPNBEP-91-671991The American Lobster in Narragansett Bay: Patterns of Benthic Recruitment, Adult Populations and Fishing EffortWahle (Brown Univ.)American Lobster; Young of Year, benthic recruitment, populations, fishing effort, habitats; rocky, sandy, trap buoy counts, census, substratum patterns, factors affecting abundance, densities
NBEPNBEP-91-681991Bay Bib: The Narragansett Bay Bibliography: 1979-1988Sieburth & Dorf (URI)Bibliography of published articles
NBEPNBEP-91-691991Sediment Erodibility In Narragansett Bay, RI: A Method of Predicting Sediment DynamicsKeith, Davis, Paul (EPA-ERLN)Sediment dynamics, erodibility, deposition, sheer stress, water content, texture
NBEPNBEP-91-701991Land Use Map of the Hunt-Potowomut River WatershedGarvin, L. (IEP, Inc.)Hunt-Potowomut River watershed, land use, development; sub-basins, zoning districts, soils, watershed model inputs, Vegetated Buffer Strips, Maps
NBEPNBEP-91-711991Financing Volume I: An Inventory of Funding Sources for Cleanup and Maintenance of Narragansett Bay and Potential Funding Sources for a Statewide Water Quality Monitoring Program in Narragansett BayApogee ResearchFunding/ financing, state/ local taxes, real estate transfer taxes, Government, impact, sewer assessment, beach fees, license plate, credit card affinities. aqua, clean water act, environmental trust, funds, Grants, services, permits, bonds, utilities, financing infrastructure, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Rural/ urban nonpoint source control, industrial pretreatment, ISDS control, municipal point source control, Water Quality
NBEPNBEP-91-721991Financing Volume II: Beneficiary-Based Financing for Local Enforcement of Soil Erosion, Sedimentation Control, and Stormwater Management Regulation; The Stormwater Management Utility: A Guide to Planning for the Narrow River Watershed, RI; and An Examination of the Financing of Improved Wastewater Treatment in Cranston, Warwick and West Warwick, RIApogee ResearchNarrow River, Watershed, Cranston, Warwick. Funding/ finance; soil erosion, sedimentation control, stormwater Management, Local management, Case studies, stormwater utility, Waste Water, Maps
NBEPNBEP-91-731991Effects of Chlorine on the Toxicity of a Wastewater Treatment Facility Effluent and Impacts on Receiving WatersPetrocelli, Nacci, Comeleo, Sheehan, Greene, Lima, Charles & Morrison (SAIC/NBC/EPA-ERLN)WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility; effects/ impacts on receiving waters, chlorine treatment effects on Toxins. Indicators, sea urchin/ Arabacia punctulata, Hard Shell Clam, Quahog, Mercenaria, macroalgae, Champia parvula, Maps
NBEPNBEP-91-741991Report on Providence River Toxicity Testing: Wet/ Dry StudyMorrison, G. (EPA-ERLN)Providence River, Wet Weather/Dry Weather, Toxins, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Indicators, sea urchin/ Arabacia punctulata, macroalgae/ Champia parvula, Ceriodaphnia dubia
NBEPNBEP-91-751991A Review of Biological Effects of Toxic Pollutants on Organisms in Narragansett BayJeon & Oviatt (URI)Providence River, Mount Hope Bay, Biological effects, Toxins, Contaminants, metals, organotoxic contaminants; PCB, PAH,PHC, Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Mercury, DDT. Hard Shell Clam, Quahog, Mercenaria, winter Flounder, Maps
NBEPNBEP-91-761991Scup (Stenotomus chrysops) Species ProfileGray, C.L. (RIDEM)Scup, Stenotomus chrysops, economic value, range, abundance, history, habitat, feeding requirements, migration, reproduction, growth, development
NBEPNBEP-91-771991Providence River Wet Weather Dye Study Data ReportTurner, Asselin, Feng, Puckett (ASA, Inc.)Providence River, Wet Weather, Dye study, Latitude, Longitude, Depth, Temperature, Flurometry, Conductivity, Salinity, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, SigmaT, Raw Data
NBEPNBEP-91-781991Providence River Wet Weather Current Meter Study Data ReportTurner, Puckett, Isaji, Feng (ASA, Inc.)Providence River, Seekonk River, Fields Point, Gaspee Point, Wet Weather, Runoff; CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Sewage Treatment Plant, Pollutants/ pollution, Circulation Dynamics, Tidal Currents, Salinity, Temperature, flow, Maps
NBEPNBEP-90-261990Trace Metals in Quahog Clams from Narragansett BayBeach & Hittinger (Thibault/ Bubly Associates)Mount Hope Bay, Providence River, Septic Systems, Quahog, Hard Shell Clam, Mercenaria, Trace Metal, Chromium Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Zinc, Jerome Gold Film Analyzer, Flame Atomic Absorption
NBEPNBEP-90-271990Zooplankton and Ichthyoplankton in Narragansett Bay: Status and Trends; Part 2: IchthyoplanktonDurbin & Durbin (URI)Mount Hope Bay, Ichthyoplankton, Zooplankton, Distribution, Menhaden, Anchovy, Winter Flounder, Tautaug, Weakfish, Windowpane, Silverside, Seaboard Goby
NBEPNBEP-90-281990The Benthic Communities Within Narragansett BayFrithsen (URI)Brushneck Cove, Greenwich Bay, RI Sound, Taunton River, Benthic communities, physical/ biological Characteristics, Sed Composition, core samples, Benthic larvae, Hard Shell Clam, Quahog, Mercenaria
NBEPNBEP-90-301990Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis of Shore & Near-shore Users of the Upper Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. and Remote Sensing of Upper Narragansett Bay Using Spot-1 Imagery.West (URI) and West & Snyder (URI).Upper Shore & Near-Shore Users, Remote Sensing, Spot-1 imagery, Public Surveys, Shore based Recreation; fishing, boating, Beach goers, Near-Shore mapping, Maps
NBEPNBEP-90-311990Characterization of "Brown-Tides" & Other Bloom Forming Picoalgae, & their Interactive Effects on PhytoplanktonHargraves (URI)Bloom Forming Picoalgae; Aureococcus anophagefferens, Minutocellus polymorphous, Synechoccus spp. Nannochloris/ Chlorella, Phytoplankton, Harmful Algal Blooms, Brown Tide
NBEPNBEP-90-321990Microbial Indicator Levels in Shellfish, Water, & Sediments from Upper Narragansett Bay Conditional Shellfish Growing AreaCabelli (URI)Shellfish growing areas, Microbial Indicators, Clostridium Perfringes, Fecal Coliform, E. coli, F Phage, Distribution, Maps
NBEPNBEP-90-331990Microbial Indicator Levels in the Providence River and Upper Narragansett BayCabelli (URI)Providence River, Microbial Indicators Clostridium Perfringes, Fecal Coliform, E. coli, F Phage, Sewage Treatment Plant, Shellfish, Maps
NBEPNBEP-90-341990Quahog Histopathology StudiesKern (National Marine Fisheries Service)Providence River, Mount Hope Bay, Greenwich Bay, Mt View, OL, Shellfish, Quahog, Hard Shell Clam, Mercenaria, Soft Shell Clam, Histopathology, histology, pathology, Shell/ color abnormalities, Sex, external parasites, visible disease
NBEPNBEP-90-351990Towards the Management of Narragansett Bay: An Institutional AnalysisKumekawa, Giliberto, Carlson, & Poirer (URI)Management, Education case study, process analysis, policy making
NBEPNBEP-90-361990Assessing the Effects of Pollutant Exposure on Estuarine PopulationsAlmeida & Fogarty (National Marine Fisheries Service)State of Estuarine populations Pollutants pollution, fishing, disease, predation, recruitment, growth, egg, larval, juvenile, adult, Model Assessment
NBEPNBEP-90-371990Methodology for Assessing Hazards of Contaminants in SeafoodBrown, Goble, & Teitelbaum (Clark University)Organic Contaminant; PCBs, PAHs, Mercury, nickel Toxins, seafood, health effects, genetic mutations, acceptable levels
NBEPNBEP-90-381990Using Single Species & Whole Ecosystem Tests to Characterize the Toxicity of a Sewage Treatment Plant EffluentFrithsen, Nacci, Oviatt, Strobel, &Walsh (URI)Sewage Treatment Plant, effluents, Toxins, silica, Arbacia punctulata/ sea urchin, Ecosystem Tests, mesocom experiments, Water Quality parameters
NBEPNBEP-90-391990Estimation of Surface-Water Runoff to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island & MassachusettsRies, K. G. III (U.S.G.S.)Watershed Surface-Water Runoff, climate, land/ water use, regulations, estimated stream flow, Maps
NBEPNBEP-90-401990Remote Sensing, Spot-1 imageryThis report has been incorporated within #NBEP-90-30.Remote Sensing, Spot-1 imagery
NBEPNBEP-90-411990The First Year of the Narragansett Bay Project: Results and RecommendationsHoffman (Narragansett Bay Project)Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, Management, Briefing Paper, Water Quality, Blackstone River, Shellfish, public access
NBEPNBEP-90-421990Improving An Estuarine Water Quality Ecosystem Model for Narragansett BayKremer (USC)User Guide; Computer model, Bay model Analyzer
NBEPNBEP-90-431990Field Evaluation of Nitrogen Removal from Septic Systems for Coastal CommunitiesGold, Loomis, & Lamb (URI)Septic Systems, Nitrogen removal, RUCK system, Nutrient Loading, Nitrification, Denitrification
NBEPNBEP-90-441990An Investigation into Multiple Uses of Vegetated Buffer Strips -1989. This report has been superseded by NBEP-91-63Groffman, Gold, Husband, Simmons, & Eddleman (URI).Vegetated Buffer Strips, non-Point source Pollution, groundwater, buffering capacity, microbial index, wildlife studies, Maps
NBEPNBEP-90-451990Historical Review of Water Quality Management & Pollution Abatement in Narragansett BayNeedham & Robadue (URI)Water Quality Management, Pollution/ Pollution abatement, historical review, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, Sewage Treatment Plant, Combined Sewer Overflow, CSO, governance
NBEPNBEP-90-461990Etiology of Clam LeukemiaChang, P. W. (URI)Watershed, Soft Shell Clam, Hematopoietic neoplasia, etiology
NBEPNBEP-90-471990Pathogens in Narragansett Bay: Issues, Inputs, and Improvement OptionsRoman, C. T. (Narragansett Bay Project)Pathogens, Management, Microbial Indicators, fecal coliform, E coli, Clostridium Perfringes, Sewage Treatment Plant, Combined Sewer Overflow, CSO, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, ISDS, non-/pnt source, boating activity, Runoff, Response to chlorination
NBEPNBEP-90-481990Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement: Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Programs in Rhode IslandSutinen & Lee (URI)WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility; pretreatment programs, Fields Point, Pollution, Blackstone Valley, District Commission, East Providence, Discharge Limitations, non/compliance, enforcement
NBEPNBEP-90-491990Characterizing Late Summer Water Quality in the Seekonk River, Providence River, and Upper Narragansett Bay (SQUIRT)Doering & Oviatt (URI)Upper Providence River, Seekonk River, SQUIRT, Water Quality; Nutrients, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Sediment, Maps
NBEPNBEP-90-501990P8 Urban Catchment Model: Users Guide, Program Documentation, and Evaluation of Existing Models. Software available upon request.Walker (IEP, Inc.)P8 Urban Catchment Model, User guide; installation, mechanics, operation, utilities
NBEPNBEP-89-141989Recent Growth and Biochemical Composition of Juvenile, Young-of-Year Winter Flounder from Different Areas of Narragansett BayBuckley & Caldarone (National Marine Fisheries Service)Winter Flounder, Young of Year, Growth rates, Tissue Samples, muscle, liver, RNA/ DNA Protein/ lipid content, Hepato-Somatic Index (HSI)
NBEPNBEP-89-151989Historical Data Assessment: Finfishes of the Narragansett Bay Area: Report 1988Jeffries, Hale, & Keller (URI)Fin Fish, Trawl Survey, Power Plant, GSO, Fishable Swimmable, Fish & Wildlife, Moshassuck River, Commercial Fisheries Catch Data
NBEPNBEP-89-161989Monitoring of the Providence & Seekonk Rivers for Trace Metals & Associated Parameters (SPRAY)Doering, Pilson, & Oviatt (URI)Providence River, Seekonk River, Trace Metal; Cadmium, Nickel, Copper, Lead, Monitoring, Nutrient Loading, Fresh Water, Tidal Influence, Transport Time, Spatial Distribution Maps
NBEPNBEP-89-171989Phosphorus Loadings to the Groundwater from Suburban Land Uses: A Preliminary AnalysisGold & Loomis (URI)Nutrient Loading, Eutrophication, Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Septic Systems, Sewage Treatment Plant, Leaching, home lawn, RUCK, Recirc Sand Filter, ISDS
NBEPNBEP-89-181989Zooplankton and Ichthyoplankton in Narragansett Bay: Status and Trends; Part 1: ZooplanktonDurbin & Durbin (URI)Mesozooplankton, Zooplankton, Phytoplankton, Ichthyoplankton, Bloom Forming Picoalgae, Distribution, Maps
NBEPNBEP-89-191989A Review of the Major Research Studies on Petroleum Hydrocarbons & Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Narragansett BayQuinn (URI)Blackstone River, Taunton River, Providence River, Pollutants/ Pollution; PCB, PAH, PHC, (non-)Point Sources, Urban Runoff, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Oil Spills, Distribution, Sediment, organisms, Shellfish, Quahog, mercenaria, mussel, Soft Shell Clam
NBEPNBEP-89-201989A Review of Major Research Done in Rhode Island on Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Water, Atmosphere, Sediment, & BiotaLatimer (URI)Blackstone River, Woonasquatucket River, Moshassuck River, Taunton River, Pawtuxet River, Point Sources, Fresh Water, Salt Water, Pollution, PCBs, Pesticides, Distribution, Sediment, Biota; fish, Shellfish, Quahog, Mercenaria, Mussel, Plankton, atmosphere
NBEPNBEP-89-211989A Review of Narragansett Bay Phytoplankton Data: Status & TrendsHinga, Lewis, Rice, Dadey, Keller (URI)Phytoplankton, Distribution, Primary Production, Diatoms, Dinoflagellates, Chlorophyll
NBEPNBEP-89-221989Water Quality Survey of Narragansett Bay: A Summary of Results from the SINBADD 1985-1986Pilson & Hunt (URI)SINBADD, Water Quality DO, dissolved Oxygen, Surface/ Bottom water, Nutrient Loading; Phosphorous, Ammonia, Nitrogen, silica, Trace Metal; Cd, Copper, Pb, Nickel, Chromium, Silver, Mercury, Microbial Bacteria, spores, Runoff, Sewage Treatment Plant, Distribution, Maps
NBEPNBEP-89-231989Narragansett Bay Sediment Quality Survey: August 1988Germano & Rhoads (Science Applications International Corp.)Sediment Quality, REMOTS, Water Quality; Temperature, Salinity, DO, dissolved Oxygen, Hypoxia, Organic Contaminant; Clostridium perfringens spores, Human Health Indicators, Bacteria, Organic-Sediment Index, Redox-Potential Discontinuity, habitat, Maps
NBEPNBEP-89-241989SPRAY Cruise Dissolved Oxygen and Chlorophyll (HYDROX)Doering, Oviatt, & Pilson (URI)Providence River, Taunton River, Blackstone River, TMR, Moshassuck River, Woonasquatucket River, Pawtuxet River, Fields Point, SPRAY, Water Quality, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, Distribution, Maps
NBEPNBEP-89-251989Distribution of Trace Metals in the Water Column, Sediments, and Shellfish of Narragansett BayBender, Kester, Cullen, Quinn, King, Phelps, & Hunt (URI)Trace Metal Iron, Mercury, Sn, Chromium Lead, Potassium, Ammonia, Beryllium, Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Cadmium, Sediment Shellfish, Quahog, Mercenaria, Hard Shell Clam, Phytoplankton, Distribution, Maps
NBEPNBEP-88-031988Development of a One-Dimensional Water Quality Model for the Blackstone River; Part 1: Chemical Monitoring of Pollutants in the Blackstone RiverQuinn, Latimer, Carey, Ellis, & Zheng (URI)Blackstone River, Water Quality, Trace Metal, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Silver, Ag Pollution/ Pollution; Petroleum, Hydrocarbons, Organochlorine, Pesticides, Polychlorinated Biphenyl's, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, Monitoring, Maps
NBEPNBEP-88-041988Analyses of Archived Water Samples for Organic PollutantsQuinn, Latimer, Ellis, Leblanc, & Zheng (URI)Organic Contaminant, Pollutants/ pollution, Water Quality, WWTF/ Waste Water Treatment Facility, Point-Source
NBEPNBEP-88-051988Organic Contaminants in Quahogs, Mercenaria, Collected from Narragansett BayPruell, Norwood, Bowen, Palmquist, & Fluck (EPA-ERLN)Quahog, Mercenaria, Hard Shell Clam, Tissue Samples, Chemical Separation, Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectroscopy, Pollution/ Pollution/ Organic Contaminant PCB, Chl-Pesticides, PAH, Benzonirtiles, Maps
NBEPNBEP-88-061988Bathing Beach Monitoring for New IndicatorsDeacutis, C. (RIDEM)Bathing Beach, Monitoring, Human Health, Microbial Indicators, Fecal Coliform, E. Coli, (EPA- Membrane Filter Method), Fishable Swimmable, Fresh Water/ Salt Water, (non-)/ Point Sources
NBEPNBEP-88-071988Status of the Hard Clam Fishery in Narragansett BayPratt, S. D. (URI)Quahog, Mercenaria, Hard Shell Clam, Little Neck, Soft Shell Clam, Mussels, Values, Landings, Fishermen, Sources, Mgmt., Enforcement, Laws
NBEPNBEP-88-081988Status of the Hard Clam, Mercenaria, in the Providence River and Mount Hope BayPratt, Martin, & Saila (URI)Providence River, Mount Hope Bay Quahog, Mercenaria, Hard Shell Clam, Distribution, Size, Management, Recommendations, Maps
NBEPNBEP-88-091988Governance of Non-Point Source Inputs to Narragansett Bay: A Plan for Coordinated ActionMyers (Ehrenfeld & Associates)Water Quality, (Act of 1987), Eutrophication, (non-)Point Source Inputs, Laws, Sewage Treatment Plant/ Disposal, Sediment, Erosion, Runoff, Storm Water, Marina, CRMC, Management, Recommendations
NBEPNBEP-88-101988Development of a One-Dimensional Water Quality Model for the Blackstone River; Part 2: Mathematical ModelingWright (URI)Blackstone River, Seekonk River, Water Quality, mathematical Formulations PAWTOXIC, Flow Profiles, Waste Water Drainage, Sediment, Suspended Solids, Trace Metal, Cadmium, Chromium Copper, Lead, Nickel
NBEPNBEP-88-111988Mt. Hope Bay Sanitary Survey: Microbiological; 1986-1987Rippey & Watkins (FDA, Northeast Technical Services Unit)Mount Hope Bay, Taunton River, Demographics/ Classification of area, Water Quality, Waste Water/Drainage Water Sanitary Surveys, CSO, Combined Sewer Overflow, Pollutants/ pollution, Microbial Indicators, fecal Coliform, E. Coli, Clostridium Perfringes, NSSP, National Shellfish Sanitation Program, Maps
NBEPNBEP-88-121988Circulation Dynamics in Mt. Hope Bay & the Lower Taunton RiverSpaulding, White, Heinmiller, Simoneau, Liang, & Choi (URI)Mount Hope Bay, Taunton River, Flow Profiles, Circulation, Hydrodynamic models, Tides, Wind Density, River Flow, Maps
NBEPNBEP-88-12A1988Mercury in the Waters of Narragansett BayVandal & Fitzgerald (UConn)Mercury, Acid-Liable Hg, Fresh Water/ Salt Water, Salinity, Maps
NBEPNBEP-88-131988Environmental Conditions & Plankton Dynamics in Narragansett Bay During An Annual Cycle Characterized By Brown-TideSmayda (URI)Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Bloom-forming Picoalgae, Brown-Tide, Diatoms, Dinoflagellates, Euglenoid, flagellates, Primary Production, Biomass/ Dynamics, Nutrient Loading, Light
NBEPNBEP-87-011987Narragansett Bay Issue Assessment: Public PerceptionsBrown, Kossin, & Ward (Brown University)Enforcement, Pollutants/ pollution, Uses, Education, Public Surveys, Maps
NBEPNBEP-87-021987Report on Goals for the Future of Narragansett BayKeating (Tillinghast, Collins & Graham)Future, Goals, Water Quality, Education, Enforcement, Public Access, Public Surveys
PartnerNBEP-85-1481985On the residence time of water in Narragansett BayPilson, M.E.Q. Narragansett Bay, residence time, water, fresh water inputs
PartnerNBEP-75-1851975Urbanization and Open Space in the Narragansett Bay RegionChmura, Jeffrey A.Thesis, Narragansett Bay, Urbanization, historic use of the land, development, urban patterns, land use