On November 28, 2017, Staff Scientist, Courtney met with an Ecology class at a local school in Providence, RI. Courtney spoke to the six young women (sophomores through seniors) about the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program and its 2017 State of Narragansett Bay and Its Watershed report. After a brief overview of the program and report, the students focused on the data used to generate the nutrient loading map from the summary report, from accessing databases and organizing data through analysis, graphing, and mapping. Additionally, Courtney answered questions regarding volunteerism/internships in the Providence area, career-oriented questions, and general science questions.

staff scientist, courtney schmidt with Lincoln School class presenting information about the NBEP's 2017 state of narragansett bay and its watershed report

Narragansett Bay Estuary Program Staff Scientist, Courtney Schmidt (center) visited a school in Providence, RI to present the process of the 2017 State of Narragansett Bay and Its Watershed report.


In addition, Courtney Schmidt assisted in the local logistics for CERF in the beginning of November —organizing and facilitating poster sessions as a Poster Session co-chair on the Scientific Program Committee. She also convened two sessions highlighting stakeholder engagement in National Estuary Programs and identifying successes following large-scale urban water quality restorations. Each session was well attended, and produced valuable discussions. Both Courtney and Eivy presented at CERF. Their presentations were well-attended with interesting questions and conversations. Also at CERF, NEIWPCC hosted a booth showcasing the program director open position. Our human resources director expressed that it was a new way to get the word out about the position and that there was interest in learning more about the program.

National Estuary Program session at the 2017 CERF meeting in Providence, Rhode Island

National Estuary Program session at the 2017 CERF conference in Providence, RI. Photo credit: Matt Liebman


Congratulations to Eivy Monroy and our intern Julia Twitchell who worked together with Anne Kuhn, Mike Charpentier, Juliet Swigor, Jessica Cressman, Peter August, and Paul Jordan to develop a poster which won two awards at NEARC (Northeast Arc Users Group) in November: the People’s Choice and Best Overall. The map of the watershed and bay is partitioned to showcase relevant indicators in different geographic areas to highlight drivers of change as well as localized variation throughout the landscape and watershed. Eivy and Julia will be working to make some minor modifications to the map prior to using it at other venues.

Eivy Monroy and partners won two awards for their map on the issue faced by the narragansett bay watershed

Eivy Monroy (left), Mike Charpentier, and Juliet Swigor presenting their poster that won two awards at the Fall NEARC meeting in Newport, RI