Below is a table of the figures and maps from the 2017 State of Narragansett Bay and Its Watershed Summary Report . More figures will be added as they become available.

Topography and hydrography of the Narragansett Bay watersheddownloadSummary2017
Narragansett Bay Bathymetry (water depth)downloadSummary2017
Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Percent contribution to nitrogen loadingdownloadSummary2017
Methylmercury concentrations in sediments of Narragansett BaydownloadSummary2017
Shellfish harvesting areas in Narragansett BaydownloadSummary2017
Monitoring sites in Narragansett BaydownloadSummary2017
Benthic (seafloor) habitat change between 1988-2008 in Narragansett BaydownloadSummary2017
Licensed marine beaches in Narragansett BaydownloadSummary2017
Population change from 1990-2010 in the Narragansett Bay watersheddownloadSummary2017
Land use and water quality conditions for aquatic lifedownloadSummary2017
Impervious cover in the Narragansett Bay watersheddownloadSummary2017
Ecological significant lands in the Narragansett Bay watersheddownloadSummary2017
Extent of seagrass and salt marsh in Narragansett BaydownloadSummary2017
Figure 1 - Annual average water temperature at Woods Hole, MA 1880-2015downloadTechnicalTemperature2017
Figure 2 - Annual mean air temperatures at Worcester, MA 1949-2015downloadTechnicalTemperature2017
Figure 3 - Annual mean air temperature at Warwick, RI 1895-2015downloadTechnicalTemperature2017
Figure 4 - Annual mean surface water temperatures in Narragansett Bay 1960-2010downloadTechnicalTemperature2017
Figure 5 - Annual mean river/stream water temperatures in Scituate ReservoirdownloadTechnicalTemperature2017
Figure 6 - Annual mean river/stream water temperatures at Millville, MA downloadTechnicalTemperature2017
Figure 7 - Annual mean river/stream water temperatures from 2007-2014downloadTechnicalTemperature2017
Figure 8 - Seasonal air temperature projections for RI from 1950-2100downloadTechnicalTemperature2017
Figure 1 - Annual precipitation at Providence, RI downloadTechnicalPrecipitation2017
Figure 2 - Annual precipitation at Worcester, MA downloadTechnicalPrecipitation2017
Figure 3 - Annual Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) for Rhode IslanddownloadTechnicalPrecipitation2017
Figure 4 - Annual Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) for MassachusettsdownloadTechnicalPrecipitation2017
Figure 5 - Climate model projection of the winter total precipitationin RI or MA to 2100downloadTechnicalPrecipitation2017
Figure 6 - Climate model projction of the winter annual snowfall in RI or MA to 2100downloadTechnicalPrecipitation2017
Figure 3 - Estimated total population from 1850 to 2000 in Narragansett Bay WatersheddownloadTechnicalPopulation2017
Figure 4 - Historical changes in percentage of Narragansett Bay Watershed classified as forest or urbandownloadTechnicalLand Use2017
Figure 1 - Total population and percentage of population in the Narragansett Bay Watershed served by sewersdownloadTechnicalWastewater2017
Figure 2 - Comparison of WWTF nitrogen loading budgetsdownloadTechnicalNutrient Loading2017
Figure 3 - Comparison of WWTF phosphorus loading budgetsdownloadTechnicalNutrient Loading2017
Figure 4 - Yearly average flow and total flow in millions of gallons per day (MGD) for the Blackstone River from USGS gage at WoonsocketdownloadTechnicalNutrient Loading2017
Figure 1 - Summer (June, July, August, September) average water temperature from 1959 to 2016.downloadTechnicalSeagrass2017