We will be holding two informational public hearings at 4pm in RI (4/24/17) and MA (4/27/17) for the draft Technical Report of the State of Narragansett Bay and its Watershed, which is now available for review and comment until May 22nd, all comments are welcomed! See: "State of the Bay & its Watershed > Technical Report"

Technical Report

The Narragansett Bay Estuary Program has developed a draft status and trends Technical Report, the “State of the Bay and its Watershed”. This Technical Report assesses 24 individual indicators throughout the Bay and its watershed based on the best available science and current research efforts. Individual chapters of the draft Technical Report will be made available to download, please click the links to each individual chapter below. Public comment on these chapters will be encouraged through the close of business on Monday, May 22nd.

The Narragansett Bay Estuary Program will be holding two public hearing meetings, one in Rhode Island and one in Massachusetts. The Estuary Program will provide an overview of the Technical Report and there will be an opportunity for questions and comments.

  • The Rhode Island public meeting will be held on Monday, April 24, 2017 starting at 4:00 PM until end of comments and will be held in room 280C at the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management headquarters, located at 235 Promenade Street, Providence, RI 02908.
  • The Massachusetts public meeting will be held on Thursday, April 27, 2017 starting at 4:00 PM until end of comments and will be held at the Mass Audubon Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center, located at 414 Massasoit Road, Worcester, MA 01604.


Comments on the draft Technical Report may be submitted to the Estuary Program by emailing comments to: info@nbep.org. Track changes in the word document are best.

For more information, view the public notice here.

CategoryStressor & Indicator TypeChapterPDFWord Document
Bay and Watershed Stressors
Landscape StressorsPopulationPopulation (PDF)Population (Word)
Landscape StressorsLand UseLand Use (PDF)Land Use (Word)
Landscape StressorsImpervious CoverImpervious Cover (PDF)Impervious Cover (Word)
Landscape StressorsNutrient LoadingNutrient Loading (PDF)Nutrient Loading (Word)
Landscape StressorsWastewater InfrastructureWastewater Infrastructure (PDF)Wastewater Infrastructure (Word)
Climate Change StressorsTemperatureTemperature (PDF)Temperature (Word)
Climate Change StressorsPrecipitationPrecipitation (PDF)Precipitation (Word)
Climate Change StressorsSea LevelSea Level (PDF)Sea Level (Word)
Chemical StressorsLegacy Contaminants
Chemical StressorsEmerging ContaminantsEmerging Contaminants (PDF)Emerging Contaminants (Word)
Indicators of Ecosystem Condition
Bay Ecosystem IndicatorsSeagrassesSeagrasses (PDF)Seagrasses (Word)
Bay Ecosystem IndicatorsSalt MarshSalt Marsh (PDF)Salt Marsh (Word)
Bay Ecosystem IndicatorsBenthic HabitatBenthic Habitat (PDF)Benthic Habitat (Word)
Bay Ecosystem IndicatorsDissolved OxygenDissolved Oxygen (PDF)Dissolved Oxygen (Word)
Bay Ecosystem IndicatorsChlorophyllChlorophyll (PDF)Chlorophyll (Word)
Bay Ecosystem IndicatorsWater ClarityWater Clarity (PDF)Water Clarity (Word)
Bay Ecosystem IndicatorsEstuarine Fish CommunitiesEstuarine Fish Communities (PDF)Estuarine Fish Communities (Word)
Watershed Ecosystem IndicatorsStream InvertebratesStream Invertebrates (PDF)Stream Invertebrates (Word)
Watershed Ecosystem IndicatorsFreshwater Fish CommunitiesFreshwater Fish Communities (PDF)Freshwater Fish Communities (Word)
Watershed Ecosystem IndicatorsWater Quality Conditions for Aquatic LifeWater Quality Conditions for Aquatic Life (PDF)Water Quality Conditions for Aquatic Life (Word)
Watershed Ecosystem IndicatorsOpen SpaceOpen Space (PDF)Open Space (Word)
Indicators of Public Health
Indicators of Public HealthMarine BeachesMarine Beaches (PDF)Marine Beaches (Word)
Indicators of Public HealthWater Quality Conditions for RecreationWater Quality Conditions for Recreation (PDF)Water Quality Conditions for Recreation (Word)
Indicators of Public HealthShellfishing AreasShellfishing Areas (PDF)Shellfishing Areas (Word)

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